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  1. Vladimir P

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    So LAMP route is not applicable to market orders?
  2. Vladimir P

    South Florida Meetup

    Thanks for everyone who attended the meetup in Delray Beach. It was so nice to meet you guys and see that I'm not alone in this "trading beginner journey". Special thanks goes towards Andrew who not only brought goodies for every attender but also shared his experience and gave away many many good advices. Who lives in Florida, let's make it as a habit to may be meet more frequently in different locations to discuss ideas and views about day trading career. Share you thoughts Regards, Aznariy R
  3. Vladimir P

    South Florida Meetup

    I will attend the meetup.
  4. Vladimir P

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello community, My name is Aznariy, but people in the chat get to know me as GordonFreaman (due to American habit not to memorize foreign names :-). I'm 33 now, and first heard about stock trading 1,5 year ago. I'm in IT field, working for one of the biggest financial institution in Jacksonville, FL. One of my former colleague shared with me his swing trading experience and how he makes additional $2K - $3K a month from it. That event really lighted the fire and I started looking for any helpful materials online. I really wanted to get rid from 9-5 job as it has so many limitations on your personal freedom and life style. Thankfully I found Andrew's book on Amazon, which probably saved me thousands of dollars on other unnecessary classes or courses. While reading the book, a feeling was build that the guy just sits home, wakes up and 6 am, and until around 9 am local time he is up several grands. That's exactly what I also can do This was back in October 2017, and I was deeply mistaken with my thoughts Later I started following BBT YouTube channel and trying to learn from it. One day I used promo code that Andrew introduced in one of his recaps and signed up for annual membership with the community. The community is great, especially with unlimited class access, live chat, Andrew's help with watch-list building every morning, moderators timely responses to emails and any other questions. However, currently the biggest impediment for me is that I can't lively participate in the trading session with DAS simulator as I have to be at work. As I'm the only breadwinner in the family I can't quit the job right away; I'm slowly looking for remote opportunity. I try to do backtesting with ThinkOrSwim platform every evening once I'm back from work and apply Andrew's strategies described in the book. My biggest goal now is to save the simulated deposit and not to drown it. Regards, Aznariy R
  5. Hello team, I'm having trouble to understand candlesticks and what they really indicate. Can someone explain me this? So far I've gotten that candlesticks have body and sometimes wicks. Green body - bullish candlestick, red body - bearish one (from Andrew's book). But what does opening / closing body of the candlestick mean? Let's pretend I have a stock on a 1 minute chart with green candlestick where bottom of it at $20, and top of it at $23. What does it mean? 1. Does that mean that some group of investors started offering $20 per share at a given point of time, but somehow ended up with paying $23? If I would be one of the investor within that group, does that mean I make bid on buying at $20, but within next 55-58 seconds I ended up being charged $23 instead? Same for red candlestick: if I want to sell my stock for $23, why would I sell it for $20? Doesn't make sense for me absolutely. 2. Does that mean that the entire negotiation period of buying these package of shares lasted for 1 minute? What if investor entered the trade at 59th second and make a bid, is this investor's record being transferred to the next candlestick? My next concern regarding wicks of the candlestick. What do they really represent. According to the book top wick represent high, bottom candlestick represent low. But high / low of what? Let's pretend I have a stock on a 1 minute chart with green candlestick where bottom of it at $20, and top of it at $23, top wick at $25, bottom wick at $18. What does it mean? 1. Does that mean that some group of investors is willing to buy a stock so hard that they even want to pay $25 per share, but ended up being charged only $23 per share? Ideal trade though. Doesn't make sense for me absolutely. 2. Does that mean that some group of investors is not really willing to buy a stock that they offered to pay only $18 per share, but apparently they being charged $20 per share? Were they robbed in this situation? Doesn't make sense for me again and again. Any simple explanation will be helpful. Sorry for being so detailed in this question.

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