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  1. This. I get it. It's Sunday night, and I've not been working all weekend. Not in legal, but slowly transitioning out of web development and instruction. You will be amazed at how much time you have back in your life. Welcome!! --nono/nonoruns
  2. How about overall money management -- not per individual trade. Maybe the better term is stack management? Cash management? I would love to hear views on how to manage one's overall pile of cash. I have some ideas I've been fleshing out over the months of learning to day trade (long term investor/swing trader), but would love to know what others have found that worked and didn't work.
  3. So many answers above have me nodding my head in agreement. The highlight of BBT to me is different styles of trading through the moderators. I love the "interactive radio" piece of each day via chat. I can just listen; I can choose to comment if I have the time. One suggestion I have (and hey, you may already have it!) is bios of the moderators, including each one's trading style. I am mostly a swing trader, but do occasionally/accidentally day trade. I credit those happy accidents to what I'm learning here.
  4. I'm a no only because of the timing. It is a SUPER idea.
  5. Norm, this one's for you! Ok, here's mine... cobbled together from 2 older machines and a discarded large monitor...but notice all that empty space on the wall? That's where my husband is going to hang a 50" tv if I make my number. I mostly swing trade, so this set up isn't a hindrance currently, but as I develop my day trading skills, this will clearly not work. For those who may wonder about 2 laptops, I am trading 2 different accounts and for the way my brain is wired, this keeps me from getting confused.
  6. OK, I'll go. Each of us will have a unique combination of experience and stage-of-life pressures, I imagine. I took 15 years off from active trading because I was devoting my time to raising kids and also helping my husband build a business. It is fun to be back at it! I joined because I want to diversify my investing style. I'm part buy/hold, part swing trade. I thought it would be nice to round that out with occasional day trading opportunities. Oh yeah, and also, I'm part gambler. A small portion of my capital is set aside to make an occasional, inexpensive, but truly crazy bet. It is hilarious when one of those works out. QiRa, I say trading/investing is very similar to surfing, which I took up at age 48. And in surfing, I pretty much feel overconfident one minute and very doubtful the next. Kind of 2 sides of the same coin. Over time, I think equilibrium is more easily achieved. Or maybe that's just because I'm getting older....hmmmm...
  7. Hi everyone! I used to be a very active manager of my family's retirement and savings. Got distracted from that for about 15 years (kids!), but now that they are older and my life has settled down again, I have restarted my active trading. I am a youtube junkie and an avid reader, so Brian's Swing Trading book and bearbulltraders videos caught my attention....and now here I am. So long term goal is to transition out of my current career which is a Web Developer, a.ka. the Marketing Janitor. (Small town, tiny marketing teams in my accounts means I am the clean up gal instead of the go-to gal). Looking to learn a lot more being here to hone my individual style.
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