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    • Date  March 3, 2021 Status (Live/Sim)  Sim (It's going to be Sim until PCT is over basically) Net P&L (w/ECN Fees) -193.15 Current Equity Sim Equity $25,147.45 Quality of Life (Kept Short) Bedtime: 12:00 p.m. / 6:00 a.m.  Direct Questions What did I do well? I treaded water with the insane chop that lasted for the first 30 minutes without stopping out on the day. I ended up stopping out though near the end.  I started taking ridiculous HOD trades like Andrew. What could I have done better? I could have realized that I was watching several correlated names (sector) and avoided the choppy environment by finding other stocks in play premarket. I could have also made sure that my risk controls were already activated, but at least they are now. I also could have reread my guidelines and marked the 60 minute ranges that I was planning on entering upon their breaks with epic pen. I kept waiting for the 5 minute charts to show some follow through, but they ended up destroying me anyway. I couldn't find a stock moving with the T&S speed I like at all! Is the performance pressure I feel increasing or decreasing? Staying steady.  Currently livestreaming my trading days, so the accountability is up.   Just need to continue to stay focus and try to get a little better each day. I need a plan to deal with chop on the 5 minute.  A plan would be to probably better to set a limit on total trades for a symbol and stick to it. Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success?  
    • I don't swing personally, but I believe I've heard Brian Pezim mention that he uses TD to swing, though I'm not sure if he uses TOS with it or not. I'm pretty sure that his analysis is all done on stockcharts.com and that's what you see when he does his analysis in the chatroom before the close. 
    • Will just miss you guys.  Driving down from KC (to look at relocating!)  Wont arrive till after this time.  Next time.  
    • I will be attending with daughter, she is an Andrew fan!. Thanks!
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