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  1. *Update* Still trading, just back in SIM for a bit. I'm taking some of the pressure off, and also taking a break from the videos. I shall return.
  2. Rough day today. I've officially been live for 1 month, I've learned an enormous amount, but it's time to go back in SIM for a couple weeks, refine my strategies and destress some. It's a shot to the ego, but I traded really poorly today, in fact the last 3 days have been bad. I can see a lot of fear / fomo in my entries and that's a recipe for disaster, especially with parabolic reversals because you're taking such tight stops.
  3. Hulk day?!?!?!?!?! I can't remember the last time I had one of these. Ouch!!
  4. Heck ya man! Welcome. Feel free to send a message if you ever want to chat about price action. GL! -Chris
  5. - Recap - -Ramble- https://youtu.be/KHThMNNLeFA 1 more trade today
  6. Not bad tries on $ROKU, it's at all time highs and was consolidating in the premarket in a tight range prior to the open. The first trade with a stop right below vwap gets you to about 2.5Rs, the second trade the R2R just wasn't there. When a trade doesn't work it's easy to think that's it's a bad trade, but a lot of the time the idea is right, the execution is just slightly off. If you are going to trade ORBs, especially 1 minute ORBs I think it's a good idea to ask yourself a few questions prior to the open. Is the stock AT or ABOUT to break all time high? Is the stock AT or ABOUT to break out of a significant range? Does the stock have a catalyst? Is the stock consolidating in the premarket? Is it uptrending / downtrending? is there above average volume leading in to the open? Are there any significant levels in the premarket ( i.e levels that have acted both as a support AND a resistance) that I can play off of? Also as a general rule of thumb, whether you're taking 1/2/5 minute orbs, the tighter the range, and the closer it is to vwap, the better risk to reward you're going to get. Stay positive man, one day at a time.
  7. Where you at Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. No weekly review this week, I made a playbook update Wednesday and that felt sufficient. I was thinking about making videos on some concepts like price pivots, support and resistance, trends + congestion zones, ect... but I think I'll make those during the week when I see good examples in price action. Going to dig through Anna's book this morning then call it a weekend.
  9. 1 trade, didn't like the volume, felt like the follow through wasn't there. Hind sight 20-20, should have just moved stop to b/e. Whoops! Almost took $CODX for a 5 min ORB here Have a good weekend!
  10. @OTC Thanks big dawg! I hit one today on BBBY, didn't manage it all that great though LOL. @Jennifer Olson I'm waiting for the Jennifer Olson video recaps!!! -Playbook Update / short recap - Review -
  11. Well, learned a ton last couple weeks trading live with small size, I know where I'm weak, I also know I need to spend another couple weeks at least in SIM getting some confidence back. Ouch! -NIO review (Fallen Angel) https://youtu.be/4TW3A27oAAQ
  12. @Jennifer Olson Thanks!! I've been getting my butt kicked recently though lol. I swear right when you feel like you got it figured out, that's the exact moment you just lost it. Hope all is well, I'm always down to chat about price action, hit me up anytime!
  13. I just went live risking small size and was trading from 6:00-800, then 9:30 - 11:30, then I'd try and catch the close. However after doing that just for a few days I realized it's not worth it, at least for me. The parabolic reversal strategy depends on a stock getting OVER extended which requires a lot of effort in the form of volume. So I really feel it's best to trade them the first 1 to 2 hours the market is open...then go live your life I was profitable in SIM doing that, it's been a little rocky since going live but I expected that, it's why I risk small size. I post video recaps everyday if you're at all interested. Hope all is well!
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