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  1. THIS is really cool. thank you. I am not trading these because psychologically they feel like chasing to me, but cool to see they work. is there any material that you watched on these to give you confidence to take them? or is this a proven strategy that others have known about for a while? thanks again!
  2. Kyle- Thanks for hard work on this!!!...I messaged you, but just in case this reaches you better: Trying to sim and test a few things out with your hot keys but keep getting MASSIVE share sizes that come out to over million dollar positions (maybe one day!, but for now...uh oh) For example a $50 risk with following settings: Account Leverage 4 Equity $30,000.00 Max Account %Risk 0.50% Total Buying Power $120,000.00 Percent Equity to Total BP 25.00% % of Total Buying Power 97.00% New Total Buying Power $116,400.00 Send / Load Load Route LIMIT Order Bid/Ask Offset $0.05 Time in Force DAY+ Default Shares 100 Minimum Stop Buffer 0.01 Send a Stop Trigger Order? FALSE Script per your excel is: DefShare=BP*0.97;Price=Ask-Price+0.01;SShare=50/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Load;DefShare=100; I have played around with this and cannot get it to work how I thought it would. I have tried placing the stop far away and close as well. Any thoughts? Best, Bo
  3. Welcome Bo. Where are you in the Boston area?

  4. I am interested in this as well and like the proposed grouping variables. I think a small group like this could serve as somewhat of a mastermind group where we set goals and hold each other accountable for them. To combine another idea, perhaps a small group could be led by a mentor/more veteran trader.
  5. Desire Makes Slaves Out of Kings. PATIENCE Makes Kings out of Slaves. The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. DON'T GIVE UP GUYS! To Everyone who has helped me so far as I begin my journey, Thank you. This community has been truly special.
  6. I read Andrew's book and actually meant to join Bear and Bull Traders, but I accidentally joined the bullish bears trade room. The names sounded very similar and I was so new to things that I had no idea how many trade rooms there actually were. So I rolled with it. Bullish Bears What I liked: They discussed options in real time. My only experience with options was for exams and this was different. There were several very astute, veteran, technical traders that impressed me. I learned a lot about psychology, especially because the majority of trading was focused on penny stocks. These can be a nightmare to trade but really have some powerful price action to learn from. By seeing such an extreme representation of the market, I am really able to appreciate less manipulated price action. Really nice people. I felt a lot of love and respect their. Except once- this guy blew up and went nuclear in the chat room. He was promptly removed. They always answered my specific questions and commented/discussed my market calls. I guess I was there long enough to make some good ones so a small group notices that. Small group allows for more individualized attention and you don't get lost in the flow. I respect that the group emphasized that they were not interested in orchestrating pump and dumps. (not commenting on the actual ability to make those happen). Met a trader that I brought over to BBT with me and we communicate daily. Could Be Better: I could tell the moderators wanted to discuss mu/amd/aapl/options more- but catered to their audience (largely rookie penny stock traders looking for a cheap chat room to give them an edge). So the result was, they were talking about penny stocks, but actually taking options trades on AAPL/AMD/ROKU/MU etc in their accounts. No live trading shown at all. Feels like they could maximize their gifts and teaching by expressing themselves through the trades they are really passionate about. A lot of the technical charts they were showing us were so overwhelming with so many indicators and colors. It was unreadable and I couldn't maximize it. Ultimately, the way they were teaching things beyond the basics was just not my style. I did not find the video library very useful since it kind of catered towards heavy indicator usage and crowded charts. It may be good for options or swing trading. Warrior Trading Observations. Trial of 7 days. Ross Cameron feels genuine to me and I think his story is inspiring. Lose it all down to your socks and rise up from the ashes like a Phoenix. I don't want to be disrespectful, but this is my feeling- pure pump and dump with guru leadership. At one point things were not really working out for him so he just called out a totally RANDOM (not discussed at all in premarket. 0 mention of it on any watchlists I noted) $1 stock with no prior action and a TINY float and it immediately spiked and he was like ok i made my profit. Honestly -using great speed, I think I could make money following this guy because he has such clout in moving the market, but I would never feel in control of my destiny. I am not sure I learned anything to actually use in my trading though I did not have access to their course materials. Warrior Pro costs $7000. Conclusion: Not my thing. Investors Underground I never joined the chat but I studied a lot of Nate Michaud's materials and I really appreciated the price level trading he did. It was simple and beautiful and so graceful in identifying the backside of moves. I did not join because the chat was all sorts of hectic. It was just constant comments like "PLUG is at all time highs, ww"...."DRYS out of gas, covered @4.50." Not very cohesive. Like a rough rider, let's trade whatever is moving type of feel Pricey at around 2000/year being the best value option. Bear and Bull Traders I initially joined BBT for a trial a while ago because Andrew's book left a powerful mark on the beginner me. Unfortunately (for me), I was still enamored with penny stocks so I went back to bullish bears. I Joined BBT Lifetime because: I could not find a true consistent edge in trading penny stocks (aka. I lost a bunch of cash trying). Andrew's trading is inspiring. He is genuine. He expresses when he is tired and he gets mad at himself when he over trades or gets chopped up (which is not often). Seeing/Hearing a real professional trader go through some of the same emotions that I do is reassuring and comforting. The Style of trading fits my own...and it is such that I will improve it with more screen time. There are moderators talking trade for most of the day. I can literally sit there all day and practice trading different styles and learning from various people in real time. There are trade recaps live and then posted on youtube. Moderators and people in the COMMUNITY are very helpful and receptive. So many quality individuals that are looking to share and help others succeed! Cost efficient Most people are using the same Das Trader platform. We are all speaking the same language. Hope this helps guys! I look forward to getting to know you and making consistent profits with BBT!
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