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  1. Hello Kboggs,

    My name is Ted.  I am a new Day Trader living in Hudson, MA.  I am looking for someone local to speak with about day trading.  Would you be open to this, or know someone who would be?  I have done some live trading and some simulated trading, but now primarily focusing more on the simulated trading and ironing out strategies I am comfortable with...as well as getting comfortable with Das Pro.  

    Looking forward to your response.


  2. Welcome Lucas. Where are you in the Boston area? 


  3. Welcome Bo. Where are you in the Boston area?

  4. Welcome John. Where are you in the Boston area? 


    1. Hiltzy


      Sorry. Didn't see this question until now. I am in southern NH.

  5. Keep me posted of any meets in Boston area. Thanks !
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