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  1. Hello everyone! Me and the team usually get a lot of e-mails asking for the hotkeys we're using or for some simple hotkeys; Therefore, we created a list of the most frequently used/asked for hotkeys. This is just a beta and short version, and we will keep adding to it depending on your request. This list will be worked on not only by us moderators, but by you as well if you wish! Please share in the comments some of the hotkeys you use a lot which aren't in the list and we will definitely update it, you can also ask for any hotkey you think you miss, and if any member replies with it in the comment it'll be also added to the list! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zLMOpPymZfydidPuu_e0HXjvMjHCUbUoaWgVWab5DO8/edit?usp=sharing The hotkeys have been tested in DAS trader DEMO account and DAS/IB, still make sure to test them in simulator before trying them live! Thanks all.
  2. Hi Carlos! Welcome to the community! Andrews book was the reason I joined the community as well. I'm glad you're liking BBT so far
  3. Hi Allen! Welcome to BBT! I hope you learn a lot from us! Don't hesitate to ask any quesitons you've in order to learn faster!
  4. I like the way you think! And you’re right, share sizing is different depending on how expensive the stock is and how far your stop loss is I had a spread sheet before showing me how many shares I needed to buy depending on how far my stop loss is and I had different hotkeys for that. Now I use a hotkey which automatically calculates how many shares I can take depending on how far my stop loss is. Make sure to check The video Brendon linked! William explained kyles hotkeys there really well
  5. Hello Jan! Thank you for sharing your story with us! It’s Nice to know how you got into trading, and one day when you’re a successful trader you’ll remember how drinking beer with your friend got you into changing your future! The community for real is amazing, I remember my first days here, and even these days I keep learning more and more of new stuff! Glad to have your around with us.
  6. Hello Ichizo! Welcome to the community! We’re really happy to have you around with us, and having your 10 years of experience of trading is really valuable! I do hope you learn lots of new stuff here from us as we would do from your past experience in the markets!
  7. Hi! So first of all, with 5000$ if we go by the books you’re allowed to risk 1% of your account per trade which equals 50$ right? Now, by the books again, you can’t lose more than 2% of your account per day, and again, if you lose 6% of your account per month you must go to simulator for the rest of the month right? As day traders, we need to take more than one trade as it’s tough to get your winner from the very first trade, sometimes you need to make 3/4 trades. Imagine losing 2 in a row, now you’re down100$ which is 2% of your account, if you take 3 and lose two days in a row then you’re down 6%. So in my opinion, this isn’t the best rule for day trading, maybe good enough for swing trading or investing, but not day trading. don’t forget about the part where you can risk less than 1% per trade, it doesn’t need to be 1 every time, especially for beginners, I personally was risking 0.1% of my 25k account when started Eventually, despite the account size, I prefer going by this rule: Risk as much as you want as long as you won’t feel emotional after giving it to the market Some people have 25k account but they spent years and years saving it, 1% might be their weekly salary, and giving it per trade will make them really nervous, and vise versa now regarding the leverage. If you’ve 5000$ account and you’re willing to risk 1%, then it’s always 1% of your cash account not the leverage. So your risk is 50$. Let’s say you’re trading 2$ stock with 10 cents risk, you can take up to 500 shares which equals buying power of 1000$. You don’t need leverage in this case. Let’s say you want to trade tsla with 1$ risk per trade, you need around 50 shares *250=12500$. Here you’d need to use some leverage, but your risk is still the same. So basically, leverage shouldn’t be used to increase your risk or shares only because you have it. It should be used widely to help you respect the trade management rules you’ve
  8. I definitely can! E-mail me at [email protected] and I'll send you my hotkeys!
  9. Hello Yasser! Welcome to BBT family, make sure to take your time in simulator, don't rush going live:D I believe you'll be able to make it!
  10. Hello Jason! Welcome to the community! I really wish you best of success, continue the hard work and hopefully it'll pay off eventually
  11. Hi Thomas! Break even stage is actually really good, you're one step away from consistency! Regarding meetings, you can always arrange one and see if there are members from seattle who are willing to join!
  12. Hi Kyle! Welcome to the community! Day trading especially at starting is really tough, hopefully being in a community going to help you as it already helped me! If you have any suggestions for us as a community let us know, and if you've any questions don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Well, if you pay for DAS trader pro it'll cost you 150$ a month, whereas Das sim purchased from BBT costs 100$ a month. If you're willing to trade live + sim the same time then yes, PRO is the deal. If you're willing to just stick to simulator then I think the 3 months SIM will be a better offer for you. If you already purchased the 3 months of sim from BBT and started using it then unfortunately there's no way to upgrade/refund it If you just purchased it without choosing the date you want to start at then there might be a chance to refund yet.
  14. Hi Patrick! I don't know how TWS works, but on DAS I've configurable hotkeys(Kyle's hotkeys) Automatically calculates my share size depending on where I want to put my stop at+automatic stoploss I also have hotkeys which I use to partial after which my stoploss automatically goes to b/e, if you don't want it to be at b/e you can just set it so that it doesn't stop you out at b/e. I think DAS is really configurable and you can play around with it to suit your trading style! I never had any issues with DAS and it satisfied me even more thatn I expected so I really recommend it
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