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  1. Hi Luis, Welcome to BBT! Glad to hear you're taking this business seriously and I really hope we all help you during your journey to success!
  2. Hi Mohamed, welcome to BBT! I hope you overcome your issues here with BBT and we will do our best to help you with that!
  3. Hello Mark, as @Justin said, you can use the das replay feature! If you get DAS trader from us which will cost you 300$ for 3 months, it'll come with the replay feature with no additional costs! If you get it from DASTRADER.COM it'll cost you 150$ to have the platform for 1 month +15$ for the replay feature (165$ in total) which is why I recommend you get it from us as you'll get a discount being a BBT member.
  4. Hello Jeronimo, Welcome to the community, I really hope you achieve your goals here with us! Best, Aiman
  5. Hi Otto! Welcome to our family! I believe you'll learn a lot here with us and we'll do our best to get your trading into the next setup
  6. Hello Justin! How do you think yoga and meditation helping you with your trading? I always wanted to do some meditation as I believe it's really helpful and stress releasing but never got into it. Really good to have you amongst us here!
  7. Hi Benjamin! Welcome to the community, I wish you best of success in your journey, and we'll be happy to help guide you through it!
  8. Your entry breaking premarket high for 1 min ORBU was good; However, once it made new 1 min low after a doji at the HOD I wouldn't have added, in fact I'd have started considering bailing on the trade. Once it broke VWAP that was the key to bail. One thing is to add on a pullback, another thing is averagin when the stock is dropping. Let me know if you got more questions
  9. Hi Tricia! Happy to have you here with us! If you've any questions feel free to ask. We're always happy to help here Travel, photography and day trading, that must be a nice life there! Welcome to the community James!
  10. Hello Keene! Welcome to the community! I hope you learn much here with us! Hi Sam! Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here with us
  11. Hello everyone! Me and the team usually get a lot of e-mails asking for the hotkeys we're using or for some simple hotkeys; Therefore, we created a list of the most frequently used/asked for hotkeys. This is just a beta and short version, and we will keep adding to it depending on your request. This list will be worked on not only by us moderators, but by you as well if you wish! Please share in the comments some of the hotkeys you use a lot which aren't in the list and we will definitely update it, you can also ask for any hotkey you think you miss, and if any member replies with it in the comment it'll be also added to the list! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zLMOpPymZfydidPuu_e0HXjvMjHCUbUoaWgVWab5DO8/edit?usp=sharing The hotkeys have been tested in DAS trader DEMO account and DAS/IB, still make sure to test them in simulator before trying them live! Thanks all.
  12. Hi Carlos! Welcome to the community! Andrews book was the reason I joined the community as well. I'm glad you're liking BBT so far
  13. Hi Allen! Welcome to BBT! I hope you learn a lot from us! Don't hesitate to ask any quesitons you've in order to learn faster!
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