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  1. Well, if you pay for DAS trader pro it'll cost you 150$ a month, whereas Das sim purchased from BBT costs 100$ a month. If you're willing to trade live + sim the same time then yes, PRO is the deal. If you're willing to just stick to simulator then I think the 3 months SIM will be a better offer for you. If you already purchased the 3 months of sim from BBT and started using it then unfortunately there's no way to upgrade/refund it If you just purchased it without choosing the date you want to start at then there might be a chance to refund yet.
  2. Hi Patrick! I don't know how TWS works, but on DAS I've configurable hotkeys(Kyle's hotkeys) Automatically calculates my share size depending on where I want to put my stop at+automatic stoploss I also have hotkeys which I use to partial after which my stoploss automatically goes to b/e, if you don't want it to be at b/e you can just set it so that it doesn't stop you out at b/e. I think DAS is really configurable and you can play around with it to suit your trading style! I never had any issues with DAS and it satisfied me even more thatn I expected so I really recommend it
  3. Hi! Trading the 1 min chart can get us in a mess, I honestly have been trading the 1 min chart for like 5 months. Imagine it, 5 months of only 1 min chart and I was convinced I was doing great until I decided to trade other timeframes. I use the 1/2/5/15/30/daily, but the main ones for me are 1/5/15. I use the one min chart mainly the first 15 mins, but I also pay attention to the 5 min chart, maybe the 1 min chart is giving us an abcd around the 20 on the 1 but on the 5 it's the third huge white candle in a row. Doesn't that indicate that the stock is extended and better waiting for a pullback? Yes I see an abcd on the 1, but it's so extended on the 5. After 9:45-10:00 I switch to 5 min chart. I want to see a setup on the 5, but my entries are on pullbacks on the 1. My stoplosses based on the 5 min chart, my targets are based on the 5 min chart. Later on the day I use 5/15(in the afternoon) I think it's even better if I just eliminate the 1 and watch the 5/15 in the afternoon which is something I'm working on right now! Regarding Andrew, don't forget he's trading the open and most of the times he's done the first 15 mins which is why he uses the 1 min chart a lot. Basically at the open the 1 min chart is everything you can base your desicions off. The 5 is important but you can barely find a setup on the 5 min chart the first 15-30 mins
  4. Yeah we'd love to know more details about the stock you traded, how much margin you needed to use and what's the broker. Or simply message the broker. The problem here is that some brokers don't allow you to use your margin(or part of your margin) on some kind of stocks. Basically it's their way of managing risk. They don't want you to lose their money.
  5. I finally tried it! And it's impressive! Basically free version of tradervue lol! You put a lot of work on this and shared it with the community! Thanks Igor!!
  6. You're welcome! By the way, you can always e-mail, or live message das support! Maybe your suggestion might get considered and we'll have that option in the future)
  7. I'm not sure if you can hide it, but I know with new DAS upgrade you can shade it! Here's the link on how to do it!
  8. I think you said it yourself, there are different ways of trading, none is better than the other. If you think about it, trade ideas scanner calls out for orbs after they break above the wicks, most of us here including Andrew take it after the break of the body(cuz it's the place where the candle closed as you mentioned, and as you said, getting in after the break of the wick can be so far, bigger room for stop, less size, and more difficult to get to the target. In my own opinion, ORBs are more difficult than they look like, it sounds easy to trade them, take the break of the 5 min, 1 min, 2 min, or whatever time frame you wanna take, but it's not that easy, you've to analyze the price action, the power of sellers and buyers, and have a bit of bias according to premarket action or the ma's/daily levels below, above, or from which the price action bounces The best for me is to see an abcd on the 1 when taking 5 min orb, abcd on 5 when taking 15 min orb, or seeing the price action holding some kind of ma and according to it take the orb with stop below that ma, basically it comes up to an ORB, but with a mini setup. Not to forget the main rules for an ORB which are small body candle, small wicks, closer to vwap So bascially, if the setup on the 1 (abcd) is completed, and the C is visible, new 1 min high is the break of the body of the 5 I'll take it to the long for the break of the body. If the mini setup is completed with a perfect entry but above the wick of the 5, then I'll take an ORB when it breaks the wicks, it all depends on the indicators we've, what they're telling us, and the bigger picture we see after combining the small details!
  9. it's good to stick to your rules, and good that you don't rush a trade cuz you've only 30 mins available, a problem I really had and suffered overcoming! Sometimes white day is better than a possible red one)
  10. I saw a recap on youtube for someone who took AMD trade for the long side, interesting how we look at charts differently!
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