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  1. Wow, that's really useful! Thanks Kyle!!
  2. Aiman Almansoori

    How to hide pre-market when market is open?

    You're welcome! By the way, you can always e-mail, or live message das support! Maybe your suggestion might get considered and we'll have that option in the future)
  3. Aiman Almansoori

    How to hide pre-market when market is open?

    I'm not sure if you can hide it, but I know with new DAS upgrade you can shade it! Here's the link on how to do it!
  4. I think you said it yourself, there are different ways of trading, none is better than the other. If you think about it, trade ideas scanner calls out for orbs after they break above the wicks, most of us here including Andrew take it after the break of the body(cuz it's the place where the candle closed as you mentioned, and as you said, getting in after the break of the wick can be so far, bigger room for stop, less size, and more difficult to get to the target. In my own opinion, ORBs are more difficult than they look like, it sounds easy to trade them, take the break of the 5 min, 1 min, 2 min, or whatever time frame you wanna take, but it's not that easy, you've to analyze the price action, the power of sellers and buyers, and have a bit of bias according to premarket action or the ma's/daily levels below, above, or from which the price action bounces The best for me is to see an abcd on the 1 when taking 5 min orb, abcd on 5 when taking 15 min orb, or seeing the price action holding some kind of ma and according to it take the orb with stop below that ma, basically it comes up to an ORB, but with a mini setup. Not to forget the main rules for an ORB which are small body candle, small wicks, closer to vwap So bascially, if the setup on the 1 (abcd) is completed, and the C is visible, new 1 min high is the break of the body of the 5 I'll take it to the long for the break of the body. If the mini setup is completed with a perfect entry but above the wick of the 5, then I'll take an ORB when it breaks the wicks, it all depends on the indicators we've, what they're telling us, and the bigger picture we see after combining the small details!
  5. it's good to stick to your rules, and good that you don't rush a trade cuz you've only 30 mins available, a problem I really had and suffered overcoming! Sometimes white day is better than a possible red one)
  6. Aiman Almansoori

    Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

    I saw a recap on youtube for someone who took AMD trade for the long side, interesting how we look at charts differently!
  7. Aiman Almansoori

    Cad's Swing Trade Ideas

    A lot of effort you put making this post) And quiet interesting though I'm not swinging! I wish I could help, but as said.. not swinging, but great to know your ideas on how to trade those!
  8. Aiman Almansoori

    St. Louis, MO (or surrounding area) Meetup

    +An impossible to get VISA in the mid of the studying term lol
  9. Aiman Almansoori

    EagleBear's Journal

    Lol) It's ok buddy! I'm happy you found the help you needed in our community! I really hope this is the beginning of a very bright future for both of you!
  10. Aiman Almansoori

    St. Louis, MO (or surrounding area) Meetup

    Enjoy it guys!! Wish I could join you all!
  11. Aiman Almansoori

    EagleBear's Journal

    Just watched you recap! You're doing well! Love your early entries, and entries on pullbacks, that gives u decent R/R most of the time! Keep up doing what u r doing right now!
  12. Aiman Almansoori

    Elgato Stream Deck

    I had my stream deck set, then formatted my pc and was lazy to set it up again lol, after reading this post I decided to get rid of my laziness and make something good out of it lol
  13. Aiman Almansoori

    Importance of Daily Charts

    That's why we've the premarket show! Those levels are really important in day trading!
  14. Aiman Almansoori

    Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

    You're doing well! Skimmed through your journal, I love how you trade, especially with you being a beginner! That's really awesome!

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