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  1. Aiman Almansoori

    Rob C's Trading Journal - starting Feb 1 2019

    well, if ORBs work well for you, I guess you don't need any other strategy! Just keep up working on them and ajdusting them, good job there!
  2. Aiman Almansoori

    Rob C's Trading Journal - starting Feb 1 2019

    Are one min opening ranges your main strategy? Thanks for sharing btw, didn't go through it all! But I went through a great deal of it! Loved it and love the way you're journaling it!
  3. Aiman Almansoori

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    Do you belive anyone can become a successful day trade if put time and effort for it? Can trading the whole day till the market closes result in losing trades? Is there any thing one can do to not overtrade? How can one get confidence to pull the triger on good setups, and if this good setup is missed, how to avoid the FOMO of chasing or getting up into stupid trades after that!
  4. Really enjoyed reading your plan! How are you following it btw? I hope you're sticking to the rules and the progress is going as you expected it!
  5. I just saw you reccomended this idea here in the forums lol! The idea is great, and it's paying off as we see now!
  6. Thanks for this! I really love those points, I'd actually emphasize on recording the first 30 mins of Andrew trading live, I do hear Andrew and listen to his thoughts while trading but I don;t pay any attention to him sharing his screen as I'm busy with my own charts, watching how he traded after we're done with trading will be much useful. The recap is really helpful and summarize it, but on recaps we only see candles, we don't see the price action itself, the exact entry, was it while the candle was going up? or on a red candle at the pullback, I'd love to watch his trading recorded somewhere in the education center Mentorships will also be amazing! Would love to see another one coming Thanks
  7. I joined BBT at May 2018, I only knew about BBT from Andrews book as there was nothing written about BBT at trading review sites, anyway, after the first month I decided to get a lifetime membership, not only because of Andrews trades and helpful lessons, but mostly because of the members here and the moderators, I got so much help during the whole trading day, and I still get it whenever I ask for it! Everyone here is so kind and experienced in his own way. I won't re-write all the positive stuff we've here as it's all written above. I don't know if it'll be possible, but it'll be really great to have Andrew sticking around with us for a bit longer time every now and then! He's an amazing trader, and most of the time it's more than enough for him to be done for the day in 15 mins xD. I really love how he reads the price action, and I'd love to see him talking about the stocks and what he expects them to do + why out of his trading time, once he's done with his trading maybe even once a week? As an additional session xD. Just sticking to the chatroom, and hearing his thoughts outloud for around an hour without him being in any trade + discuss that with the chatroom, cuz I know that it's tough to do all that while being under pressure of being in multiple positions while trading. Other than that, this chatroom is really helpful and I really doubt that I'd have been able to get where I got to now without being a part of this chatroom!
  8. Man I think this will take my trading into the next level! Thanks a lot! It's too late for me to reply here lol, but I'm rarely in the forums, I need to understand it a bit more and try it in sim first! Thanks again, you need to get more likes on this post, not need, people must actually like it lol
  9. Aiman Almansoori

    Stream Deck to Manage Risk

    I finished watching the video yesterday but then the internet died lol! Anyway wanted to thank you for putting the effort into making it! It was really helpful!:DD Hope to see more similar videos in the future! :DD
  10. Aiman Almansoori

    Why having a daily profit target is important?

    Hello Andrew! I'm still on sim, but I've thought about that a lot, my answer might not be as important as other live members opinions, but I'm still willing to give it. I treat sim as close as it's to live as possible, therefore, my daily goal is 200/300$. However, I'm not always sticking to that goal, sometimes it's more than that, like x2 or x3, sometimes it's just half of my daily goal. Let me explain how I treat my daily goal target and what I'm doing after that. First of all, if the day was easy, and I hit my daily goal with a few trades, and I see a lot of opportunities, I won't quit the day, I've a rule I set for myself," If I hit my daily goal, I allow myself for 1 extra trade, if it's a loss, I quit with 260(my max loss per trade is 40$), if I win that extra 1 trade and I see opportunities, I give myself another extra trade, if I get stopped out I quit, if not I continue) and so on. Secondly, if I started red, the market is choppy, and eventually I got out of that red status to green, or close to daily goal, I just quit before hitting my daily goal. I think a lot of people might agree that starting out bad and getting out of a red whole messes up the psycology, and one should be greateful he got out, so just quit the day there. Finally, If the day is choppy, but I'm doing fine, and it's hard to trade, I'd trade until I either hit the goal, or until I start feeling that I'm starting to make stupid trades or broaking the rules and get out with less than the daily goal Hopefully that's helpful! And I'll add more if I remember something!
  11. Aiman Almansoori

    Fallen Angel

    well, I wouldn't say exactly they're the same, abcd pattern is a continuation of the trend, stock goes higher, then it just consolidates, maybe pullback just a little bit, and on the point d you take an entry. On fallen Angel the stock just drops so much, if anything, it can look like a reverse abcd, I mean imagine a huge drop, then a conslodiation, then logically one would expect a continuation of a downtrend, but with fallen angel you expect it to go high to it's starting point at least))
  12. Aiman Almansoori

    Speaking Out Loud During Live Trades

    Great discipline :DD and great u left with a small loss! sorry my headphones are broken so I could hear nothing))) maybe you said it in the video) but I've a question, reverse abcd and a fallen angel can be literally the same, but one goes high, the other falls down. Is there a way to identify whether it's a fallen angel or reverse abcd? Or a fallen angel can't be on mid float stock), I mean, why did you take the trade short, couldn't it be that the stock is just holding a level and now ready to break up? Or because it had so many moving averages above it, it was most likely to go down)) I guess now I'm just writing everything going in my head, I'll leave you to it when you've time)) thanks in advance!
  13. Aiman Almansoori

    Fallen Angel

    well, a stocks gaps up, at open it goes hiiiiiiigh :D, well in that example you can see it went 30 cents up, then the stop failed to break the 2.75, and dropped to as low as 2.40, you can see it's just chopping around the lvl 2.40 and the a little bit above the VWAP, ignore all the chop, just focus on how it's holding the lvl 2.40, it tries to break it and go lower but it can't, it's consistantly being bought at 2.40, it's been holding the 2.40 for like 15 mins! Finally at 9:49 with volume the stock goes higher! reaches the premarket high, previous day high and even cracks it. You might say the stock had volume at 9:39, why didn't he enter there :DD I actually don't know, if I was watching the stock I might have gone long at 9:39 or 9:44, anyway, it was still a good plan, your stoploss will be either below the 2.35 or that moving average, your target the high of premarket or day or whatever you've in your chart In short, Fallen angel is as Andrew says a low float stock, with high volume, it's in play, it opens strong but then falls like an Angel, and then just keeps holding some level which is going to be your stoploss, once you see a volume spikes go long and wait either for your angel to hit your target or to fall even more and get stopped out))))
  14. Aiman Almansoori

    Position sizing

    it'll definitely help me, dicrease my losses, and maybe make better profits I was just trading with 100/200 shares no matter were my stop loss was, that was terrible because sometimes I was winning 1/2/3 trades and then sometimes one trade wipes that all... With position sizing, it'll help me held my winnings and make my loses small)) Thanks again))

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