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  1. Thanks @OTC. I have gone through some of these and it is really helpful. Can you provide the link for mark douglas videos, is it in youtube?
  2. Thanks @Christopher Patterson. @OTC can you share how did you learn the fundamentals using TOS and any learning materials you got? I need to prepare myself before i am looking to go for LIVE and i can't afford DAS for initial months. Thanks in advance, I apologize @Christopher Patterson for hijacking your blog post for some different topic. But i just want to keep the conversation here instead of making a new thread.
  3. Nice recap @Christopher Patterson. You have told you are in SIM, did you open an IBKR account or CMEG to get access SIM? i am planning to get the SIM access but still not convinced the DAS SIM access in terms of monetary view? Did you try any other platform apart from DAS?
  4. Thanks @Christopher Patterson for replying and answering my questions. You are much prepared it seems now. Best of luck, man. I want to share you one more thing, probably you have found it already, if you see more volume like climatic volume, then reversal is more effective i mean it goes very far from your entry and gives you more profit. I used to think about the sling shot, if you need to throw the shot far away you need to give more power. I have seen if you have high or Ultra high volume (not climatic), then price action won't cross over 20 ema, just touching 9 ema only and coming back towards your entry, getting very less profit. I found something very interesting trade in $AMD and now i can understand why @peterB likes it so much. Very nice recap, thanks a lot.
  5. @Christopher Patterson, Nice recap, i am also starting parabolic reversal and learning from your trade as well. Couple of questions, How do you find those trades, i know it might be easily found in the morning session after the ORB strategy? Are you in SIM or live? I am finding some difficulty while finding out climatic volume, just your case happened for CCL, i also got stopped out couple of times. Thanks for sharing this info man.
  6. Hey @Christopher Patterson, i was watching your recap for 10th Aug, For DAL and SAVE, it was the 'Hanging MAN' candle which signifies reversal, i think you probably missed that one. Although Aiman advised not to take trade if it is hammer in one minute chart. Anyway good info, thank you.
  7. Thanks @hailchaser2, appreciate your time to help me in this regard.
  8. I agree with @Abiel and @hailchaser2 that stop loss would be at technical levels, but i am trying to execute parabolic reversal and in that trade my stop loss should not be more. Now if i use Kyle's hotkey it takes some time to double click and then execute the script and it that way my stop loss moves so much and reward becomes less. I appreciate your concern and as i mentioned i am using Kyle's hotkey script, but looking to get STOP loss at pre defined level. And i am currently playing in SIM so don't worry.
  9. Hello BBT Team, I am struggling to build a hotkey script to put a stop loss at 10 cents below of my average cost of shares. I usually use Kyle’s hotkey script with pre-defined $ risk, as I am new sometimes I stopped out. I was thinking to win significantly but if I lose in that case, I will lose less $ amount So for example, I am taking long for 100 shares at $150 per share and putting a stop loss 10 cents below of my original entry that is 149.90, so if I lose, I will lose $10 but if I win, I will win more than the pre-defined risk as my share size is more. Kindly help.
  10. I am also thinking to Go LIVE in September with very low risk per trade. I am little doubtful to choose the broker, CMEG or IB. I know IB is way better but I don't wanna invest 25K in that. However, I was checking CMEG commission and it was pretty high compared to IB. If I am taking $30 risk per trade and if my transactions are respectively Buy, Partial and Sell (total 3) then minimum commission will be around $10. If i am able to do profit (more than 1R) then it is somehow profitable but if I am earning less than 1R then there is no profit at all. If anybody faces the same using CMEG? What is the alternative you can advise. If you choose CMEG then you need to be consistently more than 1R profitable, in my opinion, what you guys think?
  11. @Julio Hernandez please join discord. Search the forum with discord or my name, you can able to find the directions. I have one trading buddy but more is better. We will welcome you.
  12. @Julio Hernandez I am in Virginia and started BBT few months ago. We can catch up sometime around.
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