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    Hey BBT, My name is Romell, I'm a Correctional Officer in the Bay Area, California. I started trading April 1st after finishing Stock Investing for Dummies( don't recommend this book at all). Thanks to that book my swing trading portfolio is doing pretty well though, but it always felt a little too "hands off" for me. It turns out a friend of a friend was a professional day trader for 3 years using Andrew's books. Him and I had a long conversation about it and it seemed like it would be a much better fit for my personality. So right now the plan is for me and my wife to practice in a sim account and learn as much as we can. Hopefully in a few months we'll be using real cash and this can become a decent second income...or my new career, who knows...
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    I have just starting using DAS Trader Pro and am really surprised by the use of an old not scalable type font (MS Sans Serif) in most of the dialogs and some parts of many windows where the font cannot always be reconfigured. This old font does not work with Windows ClearType and so looks jagged and also does not scale as well as TrueType/OpenType fonts. Having used many trading platforms I certainly prefer good functionality over a pretty user interface, but as a software developer I know the changes to update the fonts are very minor, as is another change to enable Windows visual styles which improves the look of Windows controls (edits, check boxes, buttons etc). Hence for my own use I have made a couple of changes to work around this and wonder if anyone else is interested. To show the difference here is part of the configuration dialog before and after the font change and also enabling visual styles: This is at standard 100% scaling in Windows but even with a high DPI (4K) monitor using a higher scaling there is still a difference (one my own 4K monitors I only use 100% or 125%) I did make an enhancement request to DAS support but never heard anything back even to acknowledge receipt. If anyone is interested in making the same changes (at their own risk of course) then let me know and I'll create some instructions and post them here. The changes for the font issue is a Windows registry change and the visual styles for controls is either a Windows registry change or editing the executable (the former is recommended).
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    Hi Romell, welcome to BBT! Make sure to stay disciplined in sim so you can be profitable in real!
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    Thank [email protected], I tried those a little while ago and they didn't work for some reason, no price showed up so I couldn't trade them. It could've been because I was using the limited 14 day trial version, I don't know, but ZVZZT (usually costs around 10$ per share) worked out well with smoothing out most of my hotkey issues.
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