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    Day 78 - April 30, 2020 21 Tickets 3 Symbol Green Day Personal: Went to bed a little earlier, was nice Goals for the day: - A+ Setups ONLY. Watchlist Trades RVOL at open - TWTR 920%, OSTK 560% BYND 100% OSTK (1) - Short - ABCD Reverse (sub: VWAP Bounce n Reject) -1 Adjusted Stop Gapping up 20% and looked like it hit a top was doing to roll over. Dropped at the open and bounced ro retest VWAP, took it as a short on the ABCD as it rejected, with high of candle as stop. Thought it would work right away but it consolidated so I took of partial (no reason - scared) ended up going my way so I covered into previous bounce and 50MA and then again on next drop. Came back up and rejected 9MA with decreasing volume, so resorted on new 1min low off the doji. Covered quick and left the rest to Previous day high. Good: I like the add on this one, stock was weak and losing power, got in as soon as it showed weakness for another quick scalp. Improvement: No reason to be taking half off on the first partial - idea still in tact, below VWAP and 20MA and 9MA acting as resistance. Need to stop doing this - hurting my PnL OSTK - Long - Ascending triangle (hindsight - Bear Wedge) Noticed 13.15 forming a ceiling with higher lows, SPY also pushing higher breaking HOD. 15min chart looking good as well with the double hammer. Could see this run. Placed a limited order rather than buying the top with marker order. Ended up getting a better fill, but didn’t go in my favor quickly dumped. Took partial off as its starting to feel more like a Bear pennant. (in this case I think it is acceptable to take partial if not the whole position off, as I realized under 50MA!!! Why do no I see this before? Couple times latley I get in right into 50MA for a rejection) Good: Realizing it was a Bear wedge as it was rejecting of 50MA and taking half off. Improvement: Could flip or add on the short side after got taken out - entry signals were there. Need to be more observant of the 50MA - this is a clear bear wedge. TWTR - Short - Descending Triangle TWTR heavy and tried to make a push through VWAP. After rejecting it had a nice steady drop forming a descending triangle and formed a super tight range on low volume prior to the break, got in with tight stop. Quick cover and then just consolidated which I didn’t like so I covered more (no reason, still under 9 and 20). Need to give this one more time and just let it be. 2nd partial was not necessary at all. 3rd im on with as covering into previous level which seems to be holding…but overall should be holding the final partial Good: Really like the entry here, break of tight consolidation into the APEX, below all MA's on a continuation of selling. Improvement: Once again covering too much, 2nd partial should have held until the drop on volume around 11:30 (ended up being a minor low). AAL - Asymmetrical Triangle Has been forming this triangle all day, looking at other airlines (DAL and UAL are both moving) they are all moving up. Thinking we could see a nice pop, with SPY looking to break out through VWAP and making a nice push as well. Took it as it was consolidating but curling up above VWAP. Good entry, and setup but very poor trade management. First partial was under 1R, 2nd im happy with and then 3rd was Poor adjustment on the drop back down….should have done it right below the VWAP, 12 level as well as the MA's and partialed on next spike up. Good: Had the right idea for a quick scalp Improvement Absolutely terrible trade management here. Should be taking 50% off at 2R, and then leaving 50 for rebound off MA's into previous level. Decent trade turned into a bad one due to management. Todays Review Really happy with my entries today, had the right ideas and setups. Was seeing the market quite clearly today and pulled trigger on my ideas. Still a little gun shy - missed a couple of beautiful trades at the open. Twitter hold of 28.6 would've made the day, but that’s hindsight. One thing I really need to work on is partialing. Now that I am starting to winners more often, really motiving how weak my exit strategy really is. Will be making a rule on this over the weekend, in order to have a concrete plan rather than just panicking when taking profits Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, looking to add 2-3 more) = 4/4 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 2/4 NO MORE ADJUSTING UNTIL A PARTIAL IS TAKEN
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    Oh? I bought mine around when Jason got his, and they are pretty rubbery feeling, like a cheap dome keyboard. I will definitely buy a new one and sell my current ones if they feel more mechanical...thanks!
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    Day 77 - April 29, 2020 12 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Watchlist: Trades MRNA - Short - ORB Have noticed that MRNA has a tendency to runs in the direction of its first breakout. Took it short on the break of PML and the break of the 46 bid which held initially. Took partial before the big bid at 45 and then stopped out above VWAP. Good: Noticing levels on the charts and LVL 2 to partial off of. Improvement: Could have been much quicker on the entry. Not great at this setup, so will keep practicing. Maybe add it to the playbook after I lock in 3-4 good setups. APRN - Long - ABCD off the VWAP (Squeeze) Gapping down -24% and thinking we could see profit taking from heavy shorts piled in (44%). Continued to drop off the open then found a bottom and did a nice hammer reversal. Took it as it pulled back into VWAP for the ABCD. Was thinking we could see it rip back up to HOD. Took partials too soon, and then had a hotkey error 2x instant cover for breakeven leaving my original position on. Good: Right idea, and good patience here letting it setup. A+ Setup Improvement: Taking partials too soon, Should be partialing off the first major pop, into B and then finally into D. Todays Review Decent day today, although I only took 2 trades I noticed a few great setups which in hindsight were A+ Setups. Missed A+ Setups BYND 10:15 Ascending Triangle BYND 13:30 Descending Triangle MRNA 15:20 Ascending Triangle Starting to see these triangles a lot more often, with solid moves. All 3 of these were hovering right around the VWAP and offered tight and defined risk. Will be looking at review to see Level 2 and how it acted moving into these spikes in order to get more confidence. Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Ascending/Descending looking to add 1-2 more) = 1/2 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 2/2 NO MORE ADJUSTING UNTIL A PARTIAL IS TAKEN
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    Hello all, I'm Vince and live in the San Francisco area. Currently, I work as a category manager (sales analytics) in the consumer package goods industry. Equity trading has always been a hobby...in the past, holding stocks & index funds for the longer term was my strategy, but now shifting to daytrading! I found Andrew's book last year and haven't looked back since. Yes, there have been ups and downs since I started trading live, so I learned the importance of risk management early on LoL. I have been a BBT member since October 2019 and so far everyone has been highly encouraging. My nickname is "vinarth" in the chatroom and if you are in the SF Bay area, let's connect and help each other out! Vince
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    Hi All, My name is Taylor and I live just outside of Toronto, ON. I have worked for the past 20 years in the financial sector. The last 10 years I have overseen trading technology for investment advisors for a large wealth management firm. However for the last few years I have been dreaming about making a change and day / swing trading has always been a passion. A recent illness forced me to look deep inside and make a decision to take hold of my dreams. While I have intermittently day / swing traded over the years I have been looking at other strategies (like the ones here) and want to see if it's a style that will work for me. I have lots of learning to do and look forward to learning from this community.
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    SMB is arguably the most well-respected trading firm around. I don’t believe they offer a service as Brendon has described. You have to be accepted and hired (whether intern or desk trader) by SMB. You can’t just sign up and start trading. They train their interns through a full training program and ultimately you trade with their money, assuming you are given the opportunity. One of the founders of SMB Capital is the author of One Good Trade and The Playbook. There is also a video in the BBT YouTube channel that has an interview with said founder, Mike Bellafiore. Great interview worth watching. There are firms out there that will give you a funded account after you pay them x amount. I wouldn’t touch any of those firms.
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    I just started the Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for traders (home study edition). I really need to improve issues with my trading (fear, self-sabotage, over-trading, etc.). I think this course could really help. To place some accountability on myself to finish the course I plan to post my reading notes and assignments online. Hopefully, the info provided will help others as well. Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course Vol 1: How to use Risk Preface: The three stages of growth for a trader. 1) They think they can make easy money from trading. They think the most important thing to investing/trading is picking the right stock. 2) A substantial change has to occur where the trader begins to asks, “how should I trade to make money.” Thus, they start looking for a trading system that fits them. 3) The trader realizes that trading success does not come from external control, but from internal control. Controlling risk, profit/loss>1 and position sizing all comes from internal control. Chapter 1 Commitment means congruency. It means the whole person is working together for a common purpose. No internal conflicts. When committed, trading is no longer just a hobby. The moment one definitely commits one’s self, then Providence moves too. I translate that as: when you are committed to work hard, luck will be on your side. To develop commitment first you must determine your obstacles. Second, and more difficult, you need to determine how those obstacles reflect what is going on within you. The last step is deal with them. Make peace with the obstacles by making them unimportant. Below I created my personal obstacle table: Obstacle Internal reflection Make them unimportant Fear 1) Fear of being wrong 2) Fear of missing my stop 3) Fear the loss will affect my trading and mood. 4) Fear the little success I’ve had is due to an accommodating market. Once the market changes I will fail and quit. 1) Your supposed to be wrong at least 50% of the time. If you are wrong less than 50% you are scalping too much. 2) You are working the mental muscle, it will get easier. I do have risk controls, if I miss my stop I can’t lose too much. 3) If you learn something from the trade, it was still worth while taking it. 4) Have faith in yourself that you will learn and adapt. Self sabotage 1) Every streak of good trading is ended with catastrophic failure. 2) I take way too many partials hurting my win/loss ratio. 1) You will wind down your streaks with smaller share size and SIM trading. So it will end with a whimper not a roar. 2) With more trades, more data will be available for analysis to determine proper partialing. Data is stronger than my nerves. The math will prevail. Over trading 1) If you only take one trade the whole day, but it had a poor setup, you already overtraded. 1) I am having slow progress, but I do see progress. My trades are slowly getting better. I have the time to learn. I am in no hurry. As long as I have progress there is no issue. Health 1) Not enough sleep and exercise 1) My family is slowly becoming more accommodating. It is taking time but they will come through for me. In the last 6 months my average sleep has increased from 4.8 hrs to 5.7 hours a night. Still a far cry from 8 hours but again as long as there is improvement.
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