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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hello All, I just joined BBT this week. Since I joined I have learned a lot. I plan n starting simulated trading soon. I am in Maryland in the grater Baltimore area. It is nice to meet you all and hopefully we can meet up some time. Best Regards, Janak M.
  3. Hi I'm new to BBT. Is this club still active?
  4. Hi everyone, I joined BBT less than a month ago, I live in the DMV area, Maryland. I am happy to discover there is a DMV club. What are you guys up to usually?
  5. I am new to trading, live in Kingstowne and am beginning to consider getting a trading buddy or a virtual group. Please reach out if you are interested or may be interested in the near future. I only joined BBT in July 2020, read about 6 books, and plan to start SIM trading shortly. Hence I do not yet have a journal or whatever, so it is a bit early, but would like to see if others would be interested when I get going. My email is [email protected] Matt
  6. i agree, i am in SIM but willing to learn before i moved to LIVE acct.
  7. Agreed. I'm new to the game too. Anyone in this club is still actively trading?
  8. If interested, we can use this as a place holder to do a peer review on any/all trades. I'm new to the game but I think I have the technical aspects relatively down (psycology, not so much).

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