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  1. Hey BBT Community! My name is Tony. I recently moved overseas with my wife, who works for the foreign service. I thought I would look into getting more into investments and the stock market while I work part-time and finish my masters. I have a limited background in value investing and swing trading. So far I've been in the black (better to be lucky than good sometimes). But felt I needed to further my knowledge. After hearing Andrew Aziz on a podcast, I thought I would look more into day trading and I have been amazed at the level of engagement with this community. I've already read the first book from Andrew, as well as How to Swing Trade by Brian. I look forward to finishing up the book on Advance Techniques in Day Trading and getting through the rest of the great training material BBT has to offer. I am excited to be a part of the community and learn from everyone, and I look forward to the future when I can hopefully pay it back. Best, Tony
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