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Paul aka Aurbano

Simpler / clearer theme for BBT chat room

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ok ... I just realized tha the HTML/CSS markup is different when you detach the chat to another browser window ... so some more code might be needed for that .... will update it as soon as possible

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@Justin @Alastair remember to activate the DarkReader Plugin on Firefox or Chrome, but I think that now you can use the chat on the right side : just detach it from the main video window to another brower window. The new code provided here will fix the style now.

NOTICE: there are 2 independent browser windows side-by-side... u can fit the size as u wish ...

 Enjoy !


protradingroom v2.txt

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@Paul aka Aurbano  I  am sending an SoS to you.  I need ur help and time with a CSS for Finviz.com.

Pls read the below BBT  thread and tell me if u can help with this tool, the CSS part.  Currently running the dark theme on Finviz.

Many thks in advance.




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