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DAS Trader - Simple Horzontal Price Line Audio Alerts!

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Good day fellow Traders.

One of the very frustrating things about using the DAS Trader platform is the fact that it does not allow the end user to place a horizontal price line audio alert. (in a simple way)

Perhaps you guys can side with me on this one;

In a simple world of a platform, we should be able to draw a horizontal price line and within the Configuration of that line be able to set an Audio alert with optional pop up visual alert. Two clicks and your done...    Matter of fact, it would be nice to enable audio alerts on any sort of line whether it is a Trend line, Horizontal price line or ray line.  In many other trading platforms, they all have SIMPLE alert capabilities...


Long and short.  I did speak with DAS Technical support and they have advise me to email "support@dastrader.com" with the request to have simple alert's added to future platform upgrades. 

Perhaps if you in particular are interested in this needed feature, you too should email "support@dastrader.com" with the request. 
The more requests they receive of a particular new feature, the more likely they will add it into the development cue.

Thanks everyone, and perhaps send an email in support. (If you are in support of simple audio alerts! 🙂


Safe trading everyone.



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