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DAS Trader - Simple Horzontal Price Line Audio Alerts!

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Good day fellow Traders.

One of the very frustrating things about using the DAS Trader platform is the fact that it does not allow the end user to place a horizontal price line audio alert. (in a simple way)

Perhaps you guys can side with me on this one;

In a simple world of a platform, we should be able to draw a horizontal price line and within the Configuration of that line be able to set an Audio alert with optional pop up visual alert. Two clicks and your done...    Matter of fact, it would be nice to enable audio alerts on any sort of line whether it is a Trend line, Horizontal price line or ray line.  In many other trading platforms, they all have SIMPLE alert capabilities...


Long and short.  I did speak with DAS Technical support and they have advise me to email "[email protected]" with the request to have simple alert's added to future platform upgrades. 

Perhaps if you in particular are interested in this needed feature, you too should email "[email protected]" with the request. 
The more requests they receive of a particular new feature, the more likely they will add it into the development cue.

Thanks everyone, and perhaps send an email in support. (If you are in support of simple audio alerts! 🙂


Safe trading everyone.



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Agreed.  Das has the most cumbersome method I've seen on any platform to set a price alert.     

Below is a copy of an email I sent as a "feature request" to     bugs@dastrader   and    support@dastrader

......remember the "squeeky wheel principle"....




I think everyone of your subscribers would appreciate a simple 'on chart' method to set a price alert. 

Something as simple as:
(1)being able to right-click on a Horizontal Trendline
(2) from a right-click menu item simply set the alert if the price crosses the horizontal line.
There would be no need to complicate the procedure by offering a >  or <  or >= choice since it should be obvious to any user that "crossing the line" from the current price would be the reason for the alert.
In this example it would be if the price increases and printed any price above 207.40

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Hi John.  DAS in its most recent version has released a more 'approachable / functional' method of placing price alerts on the fly.  Its not 100% bang on, but at least its a huge improvement.

here is the download link for it http://www.dastrader.com/download/beta/DASInstallIBCO.


Hi Paul,

We have added a new feature/hotkey commands in our beta version, where allows user to directly place and modify the orders in chart window and directly set up a Alert from chart window, and some other features too. Let me know what is your username and who is your broker if you wish to try it.

For 'Place Order' you can find more information here: https://dastrader.com/kb/knowledge-base/how-do-i-directly-place-and-modify-the-open-order-through-chart-window/

For the 'Alert', go to Hotkey window->Chart Window Categories-> Chart Alert Sub Categories, you will see some new hotkey commands there.

Here is the example,  "AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator==;AddAlert"

Then go to chart window and press this hotkey, then left click and hold your mouse, you will see a alert/price level, then unhold the mouse to set up the alert.(Hint, you have to open the Alert and Trigger window first)




Jason He


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This exists now.  In case anybody finds the above instructions confusing, here is the step-by-step on how to set up "click and add" price alerts.


1) Right click on a chart > Chart Area > Config Area.  Check the box in the bottom-right that says "Enable placing alert on chart".

2) Next, you must create a hotkey (Setup > Hot Key > Add New Item).  I have simple scripts for when price crosses above or below my alert price.  I'll share them:

Price crosses ABOVE alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;AddAlert

Price crosses BELOW alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=<=;AddAlert

3) Open the Alerts window (Tools > Alert & Trigger).  This window NEEDS to be open for the hotkeys to work, so I now just have it permanently fixed in my Desktop layout.

4) Now, when you press your hotkey, an arrow with an "A" next to it will show up on the chart, and you simply click the price where you'd like the alert to be placed.  (NOTE: The first time you click, you'll get an error message that says "Placing alert failed".  Just click again and it will work.  This is a bug and I've reported it to DAS already.

Edited by evan
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This is pretty awesome! I would love to hear when they fix the alert. Using it in the mean time.

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Six month later... 🙂

Yes, that's sounds pretty inconvenient to have no idea if and where you have placed an alarm on your chart (see TWS Interactive Brokers...).

A simple horizontal line would be a must

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A work around for a horizontal line is to use the "HorizontalLine" command at the end of Hotkeys script above and a line will be drawn. Holding down the left mouse you can then move the line around to pick best fit for the alert. Let go of the left mouse button  the arrow next to the "A" comes up to set the alert price. It won't let you click on top of the horizontal line you've drawn on the chart but go to price axis and click where the horizontal line has the box with a cross in it. 

This is a clunky method but at least you can see where your alert is.

Right click the horizontal line and you can config colour/line as you want it.


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On 2/14/2021 at 11:35 AM, JohnC said:

A work around for a horizontal line is to use the "HorizontalLine" command

To add to ur comments u could also do the below command to config the horizontal line in the hotkey:


ConfigTrendLine horzline dashdotline:1a6316:1:ffffff:1a6316 ;HorizontalLine  ;


Which gives the Hex color value for the line and line flag.

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