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  1. In my opinion there are two possible (simple) reasons. 1. The double-click on the chart did not take the price. Did you activate it in the chart configuration? When you double-click on the chart the price should instantly appear on the montage in the "price" window. 2. You clicked a price closer then your "Minimal Stop Buffer" value.
  2. I just copy-paste from DAS to Excel and from Excel to Tradervue. I takes 10 seconds. 1. In DAS I have the "Trades" window with Time; Symb; Side; Price; Qty 2. I click on Time for chronologic order (but I think it's not necessary). 3. I mark all trades and CTRL-C 4. I have an Excel spreadsheet with Date; Time; Symbol; Side; Price; Quantity Date is automatically updated. I paste the data from DAS in first Time cell. 5. I mark everything in Excel CTRL-C 6. I paste it in Tradervue "Option 2: paste data into browser" window. Done. It takes 10 seconds. This is for simulated trades only and does not include commissions. For real trades Tradervue can import directly from DAS account incl. commissions.
  3. I don't think an i7 with 32GB would slow down. However, when I see sometimes my wife's high end graphic workstation with 100 open Chrome tabs... I wonder: How much more can this computer take? I have DAS on my laptop (Dell XPS17, i7 10th gen, 32GB) with eSignal (which made my old laptop sweat), Chrome, MSOffice, OBS recording, Spotify, livestreams from BBT and other trading group at the same time and sometimes watching Youtube - no problems. DAS data amount is very very small if you compare it to video streaming.
  4. I found a possible solution for the problem, that some users had here before. Stream Deck worked with all the software but not with DAS Trader. (there are several posts in this topic but no solution). I bought Stream Deck today and had the same problem. Everything worked but DAS did not react at all. I found out, that it was started in Administrator mode (I had issues in saving the configuration and desktop because of folder privileges and this is one of the solutions provided by DAS - start it in Administrator mode). When I start DAS in "normal" mode, Stream Deck works with it perfectly.
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