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  1. Hi Chris, I notice you use two Time & Sales. How do you have them set up and do you find it useful? Kevin D.
  2. Hi Peter, I'm looking into a Stream Deck and saw your post.  You show a button "Set Stop Long". Does that bring up a dialog box or do you have it set as a % or $ amount below entry? Just curious how you set that up. Thanks,



    1. peterB


      hi Kevin, i had it setup as a 0.5% percentage of current price

      Alt+2:SET STOP 0.5%  LONG:ROUTE=Stop;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost*0.995;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;SELL=Send;

    2. Kevin


      Hi Peter checking out the different models offered. Thanks for the setup help.

  3. Hi John, Just started BBT last week and have been reading non stop. In this post, you mention you always use a hard stop. This is something I have problems with. Do you place the hard stop after entry or at the same time? If it's at the same time, how did you set up the order? Thanks for the information you've been sharing, it's a great help. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Hi Robert, fantastic post. On an ORB breakdown or short, how do you enter that trade? Are you looking to hit the bid or are you willing to sit on the ask and make possibly make the spread? Thank you.
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