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  1. Hi Jeremy, in my opinion your entry should be very precise and I found if you enter on the wicks this strategy is lucrative but also this style is dangerous. Perfecting price action, local structure and L2 are the most important for the success of this strategy. I mean the better the entry the better the outcome. You must be able to stomach the stock to go against you for a short time and a larger drown-down as you are entering with bigger position size. Basically you are looking for a quick move with conviction, if not happening you bail. Also look for stocks with bigger ATR and they have to be in play and move quickly. Position sizing is something I found super critical and have to be carefully considered based on your account size and buying power. If you are adding on these plays, your risk increases and you can easily blow your account if you don't calculate in advance the maximum shares you can take. Certainly there are money in these scalps but I am still digging to find out what works for me. The range plays work and I play them on SPY as SPY is ranging often.
  2. That correct Matt, the best approach in my opinion is to work on building skills, growth mindset, proper risk management. Strategies are only small part of the game. The edge is not in the strategy itself, it is you who execute the strategy and here many things come to deal with - emotions, risk, stress, decision making, uncertainty, randomness. Once you start understanding the price action start building your mental capital which is as important as your account capital. There are wonderful materials in BBT Education center on the topic of trading psychology to help you with this part of the journey. Thanks for asking, I have been progressing slowly. First few months were disaster, I just couldn't understand anything although I spend 3 months watching all the lessons and webinars in BBT, read books, taking notes and studying. I went back to the basics and started over and this time slowly the things become more clear. I have embraced Aiman's approach. I trade with 5 $ risk in simulator which is hilarious as many times I will trade 2 shares of Tesla but when I look back it makes sense to me. The goal in this game is to preserve your money and mental capital to trade another day while building your skill and finding your edge. I am consistently green the last 2 months and making 4- 5 R average a day. Now I am increasing my risk to 10$ and planning to add another 5 $ risk every two weeks if I am green. My plan is to slowly transition to live next year, maybe in March. Also considering the option to trade 2 days live in a week and 3 days in SIM for a couple of months and see how it goes before completely go live trading. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  3. I am 8th month in SIM. My advise is study, start with the foundation section and give yourself time to learn DAS, just get super familiar with the platform. Watch risk management, position sizing webinars. Get some screen time and practice hot keys and execution. Meanwhile learn the strategies and patterns and try to see them on the chart and in real time. You can go trough Ayman's replays and practice them as he has the entry time and the strategy. It is very useful to study market structure to keep you on the right side of the trade. Don't limit yourself to one strategy, practice all and see which one suits your personality. Once you are familiar with the strategies start journaling your trades to find out which strategies, what time of the day, which type of stocks you are doing better. Focus on these strategies only and perfect them. Start building your playbook. My advise is to practice in SIM during the real session as much as possible to recreate a real feeling for the market and make it as real as possible. Something super important is to practice in SIM every day with the size of the account you are planning to go live. It's a journey and takes time to find your edge. There is lots of valuable information from the moderators in the room, education center is amazing, ton of valuable webinars, Thor's mentorship session are great. As to ORBs, focus on price action, Level 2 and executing precise entries. You must be able to analyze a lot of data in a second, and quickly take a decision to place a trade or no. You also have to look at your internet latency at the open. The open is violate sometimes you don't get filled or you are filled at a very high price. In my opinion to make good money with ORBs, you need quite large account to put on size. And bigger size comes with experience and mental resilience. Wish you success!
  4. Candle patterns and their application in day trading and different time frames Pullbacks vs Reversal Trade management and profitability - different approaches
  5. Hello everyone, I am so grateful that I found BBT community through Andrew's books. I joined with the monthly subscription but two days later, I changed to a lifetime member. That's the best decision, I've ever made in my life. Hats off guys, I was hesitant to join because I am a woman and although I work in a man dominant industry , I felt shy. I don't regret even a second, I am so inspired and motivated by all of you, I am reading and listening to the videos, taking notes, join the chatroom. I am so grateful, I found BBT community. There is an incredible and valuable information here, everyone is always ready to share with others, lend a helping hand, it really feels like a family where you can honestly share your struggles, fears and joys in a safe non-judgmental environment. A little about me, I am Bulgarian, living and working in Dubai for the last 10 years. I am a regional sales and revenue manager in a global car rental company. A couple of years ago, I came across Andrew's Halam book " The millionaire expat" ( I am an avid reader ) and found out that my retirement plan with an international, well known investment company is just a long term insurance policy, presented as an investment plan, with hidden fees, closely to 7.5 % per year. I started to dive more and more into the financial markets, trying to find out how to invest my money better in order to achieve early retirement. Reading books about investments, swing and day trading made me think what actually best match my personality. At first, I found day trading not my cup of tea but after reading Andrew's books again and again, everything started to fall in place and make sense to me. I am definitely not a type of person who can handle money left overnight on the market ( I've done this and lost quite a big amount), nor I am only satisfied with passive investment in ETFs. My goal is to learn from all of you and become a successful trader over time. How long it will take, I don't know, I give myself 2 years but it may take longer but I am determined to go through the learning and practice curve as long as it takes. What success means to me, become a disciplined trader, protect and grow my equity, think in probabilities and take responsibility for my trades. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and looking forward to connect with you all. Stay safe!
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