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  1. OTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ORBs are tough imo, I feel like prior to covid there were a lot more A+ 5 minute orbs, now I see more people do 1 and 2 minute ORBs which are tough too haha. I'm all about the parabolic reversals!!! :) I used to trade all the setups, now I just do PRs, I like it a lot.
  3. How's your trading coming along? What's been your approach? I'm studying math, I really do enjoy it, but the longer I've been in academia the harder it's been to balance math / trading / gym / life : P
  4. I took a semester off and doubled down on trading and hiking. It's been pretty sweet : P How are you doin?
  5. What up Kev! The top T&S only shows orders greater than, or equal to 2000. The bottom T&S shows all orders strictly less than 2000. Here are the settings... top bottom The top gets ride of a lot of the white noise, for example I took a trade on $NKLA yesterday when I felt the bulls were gonna rally, and here is what the tape looked like after it broke $29.00 (from the bottom) The top T&S tells me if the bigger players are interested in the move, and the bottom one gives confirmation by the rate at with which orders are being processed. So if price is pressed up against some key level, lets say $29, and some large orders starting going through the ask at 29$ , and my bottom T&S lights up green, it's pretty fair to assume we're gonna break that level with a lot of momentum.
  6. -Parabolic 5 Week Grind Experience- -5 Week Review
  7. Yo! I'm gonna be taking a break from recaps/review vids, I got family hanging out this week and then I'm heading up to Oregon for 4-5 days, I should be back mid next week. gl!
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