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  1. - Recap - Good practice today Potential $CCL Trade
  2. SQ wicked you out to the penny, little bit of bad luck there. WFC probably took a hundred traders through the meat grinder before making a move! : p I feel like I always get chewed up trading the banks, we're talkin 4 billion+ float. That's a lot of shares man, sometimes they do move nice though. Shake it off, you've been doin great.
  3. What's up and welcome! You'll get a good sense for where you're at after a few solid weeks of trading, looks like you had a good day! Keep it up, I'm around if you wanna chat. I'm about 8 months in to Day Trading, still in SIM, I have a forum post in here entitled "Chris's daily trade talk" where i do video recaps / trade review. Day trading is a blast man, and learning is what it's all about! -Chris
  4. --- RECAP --- Perfect example of a bullish level 2 .. I ALMOST took this but didn't give as much weight to the daily as a I should have, this is essentially a break out play on the daily and finding an entry on the 1 min. I caught a move on it after my run Here was the overall move Made a video on $VXRT ..
  5. Yo! Just an observation it seems like your quick scalps in the first 5 minutes are actually helping, where maybe 5 mins + being more patient might increase the R count. Your hit rate is insanely high! keep it up, grats on the good first week back!
  6. https://youtu.be/d7_P4qOZZJg The rough week continues ! 5.5R PR, that stopping volume on the 2min, so cool!
  7. Not much to report today, watched the market super closely for an hour, was thinking about a fallen angel play on $NIO that would have worked nice, but there were too many heavy bids below and I didn't think it worth the risk. I also saw a nice ABCD on DVAX but was late to the party blah blha blhjablajsdflj;aldfj I also saw a nice PR on $NIO, the hammer is too long but it would have worked out well Also took some PR's on SQ, technically after my trading session, I only go till 7:30 my time, I'm gonna cut myself some slack on that one and just chalk it up to throwin some trades out to practice. I had great discipline, I didn't see anything I really liked, so i just didn't take a trade. The premarket price action on almost everything has felt really sloppy the last couple days and that's messin with my early game, as for the ABCDs / pennants really nothing i saw today that was all that clean, except maybe $DVAX. Good luck!
  8. Yo! Max loss day for me, some not so great trading, but not awful, and definitely learned a lot. I made 2 longish videos going in to detail on all my trades, but I didn't realize that obs wasn't picking up my audio. I don't have time to re-make. Hope y'all had a good day! -Chris *Edit..* had some downtime Analyze!!!!!! AHH!!! VPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @Kendrick C. Yep, those look like all the usual suspects lol! Just a final note, make sure you give much more weight to the 2-3 stocks you have deemed "in play" for the day, good luck man! -Chris
  10. Weekly Review/Optimization! Not too proud of R count this month, but I learned a ton and feel like a way better trader going in to July, these videos have been so helpful!
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