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  1. Abiel, I read that article in a previous post of yours. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around how this negatively impacts a small retail trader like myself? They sell my order flow to a market maker, who can't front run, and do they really care about my 100 shares of AAPL?
  2. Question for some of you experienced swing traders. I am just starting to learn swing trading and am having a hard time finding a reason to not use a $0 commission broker like Robinhood and Webull. After reading several reviews it seems that charting and other essentials are sufficient at these $0 brokers. The only negative I have consistently read is that they don't offer OTC, Options, Bonds and Crypto, which I don't want to trade those anyways. And Webull also offers a sim account. It all seems too good to be true so I'm hoping someone can talk me out of going to one the $0 commission brokers (for swing trading only).
  3. I have a total of 4 members that have messaged me back with interest. I have reached out to BBT to see if we can get support. For those that may be watching this post, will keep you updated here.
  4. Thank you, I will be adding this to my business plan!
  5. Kyle, the script works great for calculating share size based on fixed dollar loss, thanks. Anyone have a script to set a range order to stop out at that fixed loss and to partial 1/2 of the position at 2R? Thanks
  6. Please don't make it the weekend of the 19th! Otherwise, I'm in!
  7. I had a couple of days like that. I was setting my max S/L to 1% but dropped that down to a fraction of a percent, which means small share size. Until I trust myself to follow that rule, I won't go back to 1%. Someone previously mentioned limiting trades to 1-3, I too find that unnecessary. Maybe set it to a more realistic max 6 per day, really much more than you're entering Hulk territory...in my opinion.
  8. Wish I could go, maybe next time you decide on Toronto select a mid-month Sunday, can squeeze in a work trip too. Enjoy!
  9. Good luck! I hope to have the confidence (and skills) to get into a live account later this year.
  10. I noticed the NC club is pretty light right now. Anyone interested in getting a trading group together and grabbing a drink some time?
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