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  1. I'm in, let me know if I support in anything for this meet up.
  2. thank you @Mike B this hotkey works perfect..
  3. hi Elias, 29th is better for me.. it's good to know BBT members in Dubai.
  4. Thx a lot Robert H. thats very helpfull
  5. Hi, My name is Tarek. I'm Egyptian living in United Arab Emirates (Middle East). I'm a pharmacist by practice, MBA holder from Manchester School of Business (April 2019). I currently work in a pharmaceutical company. My interest in stock market started in Dec 2017, while the crypto currencies boomed i managed to double my account (by chance i thought i knew how the markets work). by the time crypto slide downwards, i was on the wrong side and blow up the account (Still holding XRP). At that point I realized i need some education. searched the internet, watched video's on youtube and searched for books. I came across Andrew's book. I traded on SIM from a month and thought I can make it now. Jan 2019 i started a new account, I blew up 40% of the account in less than a month. at this point I realized i need to join a community. I searched the internet and could not find a better community to be part of. Tarek ElArabi
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