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  1. I wont be able to make it unforntuatley as I will be abroad on those dates, however I hope you guys have fun! Hopefully next time I can make it All the best
  2. Hi Jramosent, its based on your margin. For example, if you have a $25,000 in equity and a 1:4 margin then you will have a Buying Power of $100,000. So if you press a hotkey to buy with 10% buying power then you'll be purchasing $10,000 worth of shares. Hope that makes sense :)
  3. Hi Mark! I see that you're paying very little in fees. Which broker are you with, if you don't mind me asking? Sorry, if you've mentioned this before!
  4. Would be difficult for me to make it but I'll definitely try my best!! I'm also a maybe for now
  5. This might be helpful to you:
  6. Salaam Esam! Nice to see another Egyptian in the community I wish you all the best with your trading and look forward to seeing you in the chat tomorrow!
  7. Wow, huge congratulations on the hike! And Carlos...nice shades lol
  8. Hi guys, I've been in the sim for a couple months now but I feel like I'm struggling a little. I've read a couple books and I was wondering how do you guys learn more about day trading/practise your day trading when the market is closed? Books? Online videos? I feel like I'm not doing enough apart from trading in the sim and want to do more after hours. Ali
  9. Hi guys! My name is Ali and I've been a member here for a few weeks so I thought i should introduce myself I'm originally Egyptian but I've lived in the UK my whole life. I'm 19 and I got into stocks earlier this year after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. After some research I purchased some FB stocks and held them for a few months and managed to make a little profit with the funds I had. During this time I went to a one-day stock market course near London and learned about day trading and the FOREX market. That day they offered us a yearly course for an insane amount of money that I didn't have, so I decided to do the work myself. I came across Andrews book, which then led me to BearBullTraders and I've loved day trading ever since. It's no walk in the park but I'm just glad that I've finally found something that I really enjoy. I'm going to Cardiff, Wales this September to study Maths but I hope I'll still have time to continue my day trading. I've been in the sim for about 7 weeks now and I'm happy with the progress I've made. Although I don't think I'll be ready to trade live within the next 4-6 weeks I'm confident I'll pass the learning curve and be able to trade live in 2/3 months time (I hope) Every night I look forward to the next day to start trading again and I dread the weekends. I'm very grateful for all the tips the members have given me and of course to Andrew for all his help. Ali
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