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  1. Peter - My brother has this same issue. Buying power is not a problem here with a broker in the states. Risk for him is $50. Yet the same thing occurs for him.....
  2. OK so buying power comes into play here. Makes sense. In this scenario what can I do to better my 2-1 ratio? Lower my risk and strive for a 2 or more play?
  3. In this example here I shorted the stock in which I had a .16 cent win with a stop of .07 cents. A little more than 2 to 1 correct? I ended up making $13.60, Although my risk is always $20.... Maybe I'm doing something wrong here?
  4. Kyle - I have a question regarding this hotkey. I have been using the script for a few months now and it works perfect. The concern I have is when I let the stock go to my stop loss (risk) $20, this is the exact amount I lose. The question is when I get my 2-1, I don't get a true $20 or even $40 reward. Why is this? I have let the stock run sometimes upwards of .40 cents where my risk is say only .12. I still don't get my actual risk to reward.
  5. At what point should we take profit? I have a small account and commission does eat you up at first which is part of the process. Should I take 25% off at 1.5-1 or 50% at 2-1? Thank you all
  6. This makes sense. I normally use the double click risk feature to enter a position. So now I know to remove that in order to take partial if a stock is SSR
  7. Also since I will have members looking at this post, I had an issue going long on a stock that was not shortable (CMEG), and when partialing out I was not able to. I did receive a message saying something about SSR. Why would this occur while on a long position. Thanks
  8. When looking at a 1min chart on a specific day, how can I link my 5min chart to automatically go to same date? Is this possible?
  9. Have you had consistent success with this same setup?
  10. For some reason I have both of these pricemarkers set and my Price marker for premarket high and low is not showing?
  11. Any advice on using this hotkey for a short selling restriction stock?
  12. Also would it be possible to set lines on the chart where it automatically calculates when your in profit? For Example
  13. Quesiton, when a stock is SSR.S and you are trying to short using this hotkey I have had it give me an error message. Is it because it was not on a uptick?
  14. Kyle, that is awesome. Can’t wait to try it out.
  15. Lets see if we can get some more people to chime in.
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