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    8/11/19 another amazing day 1 and done. really think ive found my mojo Trade 1: ROKU was the only thing on my watchlist which seemed to have a clear direction in the level 2 so when it went lower, held and started coming up i went long with a really tight stop below where it held, and it popped, got rid of two thirds of my shares in the first pop, didnt stop out then the rest above 122. great 8R trade.
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    November 7, 2019 - $AMD and $IQ Well took 2 trades today. A 5 min Orb on $AMD and a 15 min Orb on $IQ. The $AMD trade was a great setup. Everything was there, pull back towards VWAP, rejection of VWAP twice with a shooting star candle, followed up by a break of previous candle creating a pivot point. Then it stopped me out, along with giving a couple cent’s for slippage. No big deal, it was a good trade, moved on and noticed the pullback happening on $IQ. Once $IQ rejected VWAP with a break of the previous candle and the moving averages in a favorable position, I took an entry without any hesitation. Got a good pop and then it was like a brick wall hit the stock and put a stop to all the volume and momentum. I eventually got a 1R partial, but because of how slow it was moving I had to set a range order and go work. I thought about just closing out the position, but I was pretty far away from my breakeven point, so I figured I could survive for an hour or two. Well when I came back, it looked like the market makers came for me and some other trades. A huge spike to my stop along with .05 cent slippage and an immediate pop back up, with a ton of volume. Oh well. I ended the day with two good trades that just didn’t work out. Life goes on and I will be there tomorrow for another stab at it. Sample Set Results, S P G E E P P P P G G P P P G P S P 19 20
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    07.Nov.19 +4r. Today, I traded only $QCOM. Watchlist: $QCOM, $BIDU, $SQ, $ROKU. I liked $QCOM very much esp it being close to ATH. Trade 1: $QCOM. Premarket trade. I took it at the open, as the Earnings was strong for $QCOM and looked very positive. Got a partial and left the rest to exit after the close. AT the open, $QCOM stopped me to the penny before going strong. Trade2: $QCOM. I took long again after price bounced off premarket low. Share size was huge (by mistake) and resulted in 3 times my regular risk size, so I got out quickly near VWAP. This is my trade of the day, because I got out immediately after realizing I was in it more than my risk. Trade3: $QCOM. 89.9 was premarket high. once the stock bounced off this level, took it long and got out at $91. I am happy with the trade. Trade 4: $QCOM. Mid day, took reversal on $QCOM at $90 price level. After struggle for 15 mins, price popped on the upside and got me 2r. Price actually touched my stop, but din't fill me. This time, I was lucky. Good: Just focused on one stock from Premarket to close, it helped. Good trade management. Improvement: Sometimes I keep very small stoploss for e.g $QCOM trade at the open (last trade). I get stopped out and then the stocks move much high, trending. Missed opportunities. Overall I am happy with the trading today. Luck ditched me at the open, but I got it back on the reversal trade. P.S: $BIDU looks much better than other 3 for followup trading tomorrow.
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    Friday 11/08/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day on Monday I am only trading SIM until my mind is back on track. I took lots of SIM trade this morning with BABA and DIS. I was stopped out on my first trade then I lost discipline immediately. Looks like I am not ready to go back live yet. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, ROKU, MU, DIS and GPS. BABA gapped up but was weak going into the open. I had to wait 49 seconds before the volume came in. Volume was good and an 1min reversed hammer was created. Also, 4.5k was sold at the bid and I shorted when the price dropped below a PM level. My stop was the 188.07 level and my target was PDC. The price did fall about 20 cents, not enough to take a partial, then spiked back. I was able to stop out at the right spot for -1R. So this trade was OK. But I guess my discipline is still not back to normal because I immediately lost discipline and took 5 more undisciplined trades. Yes, there were some winners, but they were undisciplined. My discipline is better when I trade live, but after today I am not sure if I will be trading live on Monday. I still maybe in SIM. What I did good today: At least I started with an OK trade. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for that I am still on SIM this week. What do I need to improve on: I need to get my mind straight and discipline back. Unsure how long it will take. Post Mortem. I decided not to edit my journal entry from this morning and instead I will add to it. After seeing my video of the trade and some reflection I realize this was not a very good trade. Since the trade was entered before 9:31am, I have a rule the stop needs to be 50% farther away than optimal or go half shares. The next stop was the high of PM, which was a 50 cent stop instead of the 35 cent stop (full shares) that I took. If I followed my rules I would not have been stopped out and the price did drop one dollar and thus I would have gotten my 2 to 1 reward/risk. I remember making the decision not to follow my rule. I thought its almost 1 minute from the open....
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    Will be there today. 2 people - Karam +Abhi
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    I can't remember where I heard this from, but it is what now guides my risk per trade. "If you can't grow your account risking $1, then how are you going to grow your account risking $100." That is why after about 10 months of trading live, I figured out that my risk per trade was not adding up with what my profit target goal for the day. I was looking to make $50 a day, but I was risking $30 per trade with a rule of trading a max of 3 trades within the day. As you can see, it makes no sense. I was willing to risk $90 within a day to make $50. Yeap, I was completely focused on the wrong thing and my math did not add up. So I changed it, I base my risk off a $5000 account as this is what BBT teaches is the minimum to trade with. The calculation of risking 1% of $5000 a day was $51 to make 2R or $102. Since, I am willing to take 3 trades within the day, my risk per trade is now $17 per trade. This has done wonders for my equity curve and even allowed me to survive a huge draw down when I introduced a new strategy in September. I recommend figuring out the math on what you are comfortable losing in a day and than figure out what to $risk per trade, so when everything goes wrong, you still are within your risk tolerance at the end of the day.
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    11-7-19 AIS 1145... 7 hours sleep.... morning routine a little off from no pre-market research..... I purposely tried this sleep in as in Tradervue I am only slightly profitable in till 1100 and then have a loss from 1100 to 1200 and have a pretty decent profit after 1200..... Did not take any live trades and only speculation SIMs that all hit the stop loss,.... I am gonna start reviewing my playbook every morning and only take the trades that are not only in the PB but are A and A+ only...... I will abide by this as I have already lost what I figured I would when I went Live so now its Time for Profit or I will go back to SIM only again for at least one month..... Tomorrow will be the deciding factor for me..... I will come back to edit this at the end of the day.... Done... No Live trades today only SIM..... Took one good trade on ROKU short on Aimans call out... it was late but it made a great pull back on the 2min to the 9ema with a 2/1 ... took two partials and all out on price action change and change in SPY as ROKU seems to be heavily influenced with by the SPY..... I will not make this trade Live as it was overextended....
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    Thursday 11/07/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day on Monday I am only trading SIM until my mind is back on track. Also, it is day 3 of quitting my five can a day soda habit. I took 1 SIM trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, ROKU, MU, NVDA and BIDU. BABA gapped up and was strong going into the open. With SPY being strong at the open I was long bias. Then BABA dropped a dollar at the open on high volume. So much for my long bias. The price found support at a PM level 186.1 and pulled back. I waited for the pull back and then waited for a movement down again. Then the price ticked down and T/S went read and I shorted with 186.81 (PM level and 50MA-1min) as my stop and 185.65 daily level as my target. The price retraced a bit near my stop but after about 90 seconds the price started to drop. I set a limit order at 1.5R (50% shares) and it was filled. Then a few seconds later it reached my target, but it seemed so weak I didn’t cover and waited. Then I covered another 25% at 3R. Then started the 10 minute wait as the price tested $185 several times. When it finally broke $185 it bounced off the 184.88 level. Then I gave up on a big run and took another partial. Then all out when it made a new 5min high. What I did good today: I was happy with my patience today. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for my +2.5R today. I showed patience on the entry and exit. What do I need to improve on: Though my discipline was OK, I was surprised my nerves were a bit strong for SIM. I need to keep an eye on that to determine when to return to live trading.
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    7/11/19 amazing day today, after yesterday i decided to approach it a little differently. basically just looking at the level 2 to see which direction is stronger then using the charts to find a good entry. worked a treat. Trade 1: looked weak on L2, popped up to VWAP then down so took it short tight stop, got a few partials at 2:1 then out at b/e. 0.5 Rs Trade 2: this was a 1m ABCD as soon as it made a new high after a new low and L2 looking very strong. still some left in this position but right now at 3Rs. Trade 3: BIDU looked very strong on L2. good opening 5 min candle, rejected VWAP once then when it rejected a second time i got in long with a tight stop. got one partial, almost out at b/e then it just took off and i partialled like crazy. 4Rs Trade 4: couldnt believe my luck on this, i was done for the day but noticed the punch through VWAP, pullback to the MAs on the 5m, checked L2 and looked really strong so took it long with stop at VWAP and it exploded. happy days. 5Rs
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    11-06-19 AIS 0800 with 3 1/2 hours.... feel pretty good... Normal Routine.... PAT: Small share sizes today so a small profit of 25.00 will be a good day..... Absolutely no trading before the first 5min...... Use Kyles Hot Button for 10.00 risk until I prove myself again...... Notes: Gonna lower my stop loss to $10 until I show myself I am in control again..... No Trading before 5min and any ORBs must be held to highest standards of PB#1...... Well I did a little better but I did over traded on CVS... I still have emotions from yesterday and instead of following good trade management I used too tight of stops, or moved my stops tighter when it was going against me even the slightest amount..... If I would have stuck to my stop loss on the second trade this would have definitely been a green day... Tomorrow I will adjust my Kyles Hot Botton to a $5 stop..... Cons: Over traded on CVS ..... did not respect my stops to the tighter side which cost money...... Pros: Only that I did not go above my Max loss for the day..... Favorite Trade: None Notes: Will adjust Hot Button for a $5 stop and only raise it if I can overcome my emotions.... P&L Goal 50.00: -44.54
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    Tuesday 11/05/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day yesterday I am on SIM until further notice. And I quit drinking soda as a punitive action (ah, dying for a soda). Undisciplined trading today. Took 6 trades, 3 winners and 3 losers and I am red for the day. That really shows lack of discipline. When the discipline kicks in on SIM I will know it is time to return live. Did a lot of tape watching today and learned a bit. I even rewatched my trading video twice to watch the tape again.
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    That is progress when you compare it to where you started. Slow grind and climb to constantly being profitable, but in the end it will be worth it.
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    Worse day in 9 months. A bit ironic I wrote in my monthly summary last night that I hadn’t hit max loss in 9 months. I am not trying to place a blame, though it will sound like it. I had an incident on Friday morning, after the trading session, which completely threw me mentally. I couldn’t focus on Friday and Saturday. But on Sunday I thought I recovered and then traded live this morning. Wow, I wasn’t myself from the moment the opening bell rang. I was breaking rules without any second thought. Finally, when I was down 1.5Xmax loss I was just waiting for the platform to auto liquidate my position as I requested through my broker. But it didn’t happen. I finally hit the panic point and exited my position at 2.5XMax Loss. Of course the stock instantly reversed the moment after I exited my position and went for a big run where I would have made a killing. I then immediately turned off my platform and walked away. Looking back on it now the reversal was a good thing. I shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking my rules. Maximum pain is what should happen. I checked my emails with my broker and I see the request for the liquidation of my position and no new trades when I reached unrealized+realized loss of 1.5Xmax loss. Then I saw the broker saying they can’t do that. Not sure why I missed that I thought I had that risk control for months. I requested it again today and hopefully they are able to comply. I have a reasonably sophisticated way of determining if I am physically able to trade. If what is preventing you is completely in your head it is a bit vague to set limits. I guess if you are not sure if you are ready, you are not. I will be on SIM only until I know I am ready to go back. Hopefully, everyone else fared better today.
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