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Hi Sebastian,

Great to hear you are liking Total Trader :-) As I've mentioned above I haven't been trading for 2 years (life, job etc!) and have not really updated it. @Mike B reached out to me a couple of months ago asking if he can use it in his webinar series. He has done some great enhancements and I suggest you ask if you can use his version. 

I may be able to update at some point too - just not at the moment.




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yes I read that you havent tbeen trading recently so I thought you may have been busy with other stuff. I think there is still some potential to automate or enhance things on the total trader. thats why I was asking so I can get started with the most recent version that is being exchanged in the community. I did my master thesis using excel and VBA macros a lot, however, same here the time is my enemy. 

I would have assumed that many use the total trader along with chartlog. I'm waiting if Mike responds here otherwise I'm gonna email him.

and thanks for the great work    

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