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General Tip: Create An ATR Daily Chart

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Few users asked about this in chat, posting here so everyone can see how I do my ATR chart.

1) Create a new "Daily" chart
2) Download the linked .zip file and unpack it. --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/12JJGdg_SOeQVM-avM7_N-pNbDRQfN2wz/view?usp=sharing
3) Right-click the chart you created in DAS and select "Import Settings" --> Select the "ATR-chart-setup.cst" file you unpacked in #2.
4) You may need  to select the chart and zoom all the way in for the effect to work.
5) Move the chart and place it where you want it. As a side tip, you can right-click the border and choose to hide the title-bar (making it smaller).


I do it like this to fix a few issues .. DAS's ATR study doesn't allow you to hide the line on a chart and a chart must have either a volume or price study. If the chart is small, it'll make all of these lines behind the study info, making it hard to read .. if you make the line color white, it'll make the study color white. So I use the Volume Study with the same color as the background placed above the ATR studies to "hide" the lines. You then just need to zoom all the way in (should stay), and you'll end up with just the Study Info in the upper corner.




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Thank you Kyle for sharing this. Very useful.

I tried to dig through the Hotkey manual pdf to read/learn more about it. I'm trying to grab the ATR value from a 1min chart to calculate my share size. For instance, NIO's 1 min chart with an ATR(9) shows a value of 1.4 Which means the average range of the price on the past 9 bars is 1.4. How do I grab that value in my script? 

I'm trying to use that value 1.4 and multiply it by a fixed value of 500 to calculate my share size. 1.4 X 500 = 700 for my DefShare variable.


Can you point me in the right direction where to look for those reserved words? I did see your other post where you are able to access the ConfigTrendLine and customize that through a script; pretty neat. However, how did you find about that reserve word? Is there additional documentation available somewhere by DAS?

Thanks much!! 

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