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Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

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This is exactly what I should have¬†done today¬†ūüėÜ

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Max loss day, more than maxloss actually, as got hit by Slippage of more than 1$ on $ROKU. I was so biased on Long today, It messed up all my trades and stopped me out. 

I had less than 4 hours sleep for the last 2-3 days and it is really having an effect on my trading. That's why I journaled early today so I can take some rest.

Watchlist: $SNAP, $ROKU, $GSKY and $TWTR, $AMD, $MU. Watching $ROKU and $GSKY at the open.

$SPY is up. My main pick was $SNAP which was down (against the market). And $ROKU, which had a independent run yesterday and looked good today. Also watching $GSKY which was at ATL and harmonious. 

Trade1: $GSKY. $GSKY had the perfect setup for me to take short. It had gaped down on Daily and pulled back at the open, I could have gone short. I hesitated because I don't know the stock. It dropped 1$ in the first 15 mins. got FOMO going now. So later when the stock appeared to have reversed I took a Long for fallen angel, but got out as the move didn't happen immediately. 



Trade 2: $ROKU. Was long biased on the market and $ROKU today. I preempted the ORB move a bit. The FOMO on $GSKY may have played a part unconciously, although I didn't remember it while trading $ROKU. 

Trade 3: $ROKU. Took a reversal after the price bounced off 200MA on 5min. Din't like the price action and got out. 

on both Trade 2&3 I made a mistake in calculation of shares and went double the share size. 



Trade 4: $ROKU. Took a reversal after the MA cross of 9/20 (1min), with a new 5/15min high. But it dumped on me following $SPY. Had a bad slippage and loss on this.



Trade 5: $PYPL. Price formed a hammer above VWAP and MAs. Took it long, but stock dumped me for a SO. Andrew also took the same Long and got stopped out. 



Good: Din't overtrade or Revenge trade. Got stopped out alright, except for the slippage on $ROKU. 

Improvement: I am ok to be biased about the market and stocks, but have to change the view as the market evolves during the day. Also, took twice the share size by mistake.

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Green day. 2r. Overall good trading day. Losses were small. Cut down losses where possible. Some good winnners and some scalpers. Today was tag-team trading with JaredC at the open, as we exchanged updates in the chat. 

Watchlist: $MTCH, $DIS, $TEUM and whole lot of other stocks which were moving with SPY. was watching $MTCH and $TEUM (i had a small position premarket) at the open. None traded very well in the first 5 mins. 

Trade 1: $BAC. Jared took a short at the open. I liked it and waited for a pullback. Entered close to VWAP. It was a nice trade, but the Harmonious setup didn't give lot of move. It formed Double bottom and moved against me.


Trade 2: $TEUM. Took a long Premarket for a pop up to 4$, didn't give me the move, I got out Breakeven.


Trades 3&4: $NEWR. $NEWR was forming a wedge Took it short at 9MA stop 20MA, price moved 1R and stopped me out. Took Long at the MA cross got stopped out again. 



Trade 5: $CVS. Scalped 3 times on a good trend. Would have been nice trend trade, had I held on to my 2nd entry.



Trade 6: $DIS. Moved with SPY, took it short below VWAP. Partialed at 1R, 2R, 3R as was worried about the false breakout. And so it happened.


Trade 7: $MTCH. Another scalp on a trend trade. 

Good: Losses were small. Partialed and moved the stop to BE. Scalping worked in some cases to lock profits.

Improvement: Sclaping on a Trend $CVS and $MTCH, missed big profits. Overall happy today, after the 2X max loss yesterdady.

I am working on different Rs for Different setups. Will implement this soon. 

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Green Day. 2R(4r) . I took a Pre-market trade in $ROKU after watching the earnings last night. I almost met my goal this morning even before the open. I could have stopped trading, except I didn't ūüôā

Watchlist: $ROKU, $AMD, $CRON, $GDOT. $ROKU and $AMD watching at the open.

Trade1: $ROKU.  Took this premarket at around 7AM EST, very small sharesize. On the 5min, it was a Clear ABCD pattern. Got 2R for the trade (I have 2 Risk sizes - regular 'r' that goes with A/B setups and Big ''R'' that goes with my A+ setups)



Trades 2&3: $AMD. Gapped up on good news. Took it long after the pullback to VWAP for long. Made a hotkey mistake and got out. Took another entry (Chasing) got out at 'r'. Total loss 2r.



Trade 4: $UBER. dropped at the open pulled back to 200MA-1min. thought it was breaking down and took it short. I was quick to stop after not getting the price drop. Good move. It was strong. 1r loss.




Trades 5&6: $ROKU. took VWAP breakout for Long (as the stock was very strong) got stopped out. Went long after the bounce off 200MA(1min) for Trend trade. Got 2$ move. 




  • Was very patient today with my partials, esp the last trade on $ROKU and got 3$ move. My last one trade covered the losses of 4 losing trades.
  • I added to the position too and stopped out at the right time (before the dump).
  • Traded premarket¬†against strong fundamentals and was patient with partials, Held this for 2.5hours.¬†

Improvement: So after my first premarket trade I was up 4r. I made 5 more trades and back exactly at the starting point ie) 4r. May be I should stop after one losing trade beyond achieving daily target. Pay less commission. 

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Small Green day. 2r. Happy with my trading today, although my profit is small. After the target, switched to SIM after long time and made some nice trades. 

Watchlist: $ROKU, $UBER, $DXC, $FTCH and $RKDA

Trade 1& 2: $ROKU. Gapped up at the open, waited for the pullback, but late on the Entry. So took 1min ORB and got out at 2R. While putting a range order made a mistake and exited completely, like an idiot. Waited for the next setup. 5min formed the PB-BE setup on the 3rd candle. Took it long, got a partial at 2R, added on the pullback. But the price seemed to be rolling over so got all out immediately. 



Trade 3: $FTCH. Gapped down at the open. took it short after the price couldn't break up all the MAs. Din't get the move quickly, so got out BE. I usually move on to other stocks to avoid Revenge trading. This one had a nice shooting star on 5min. Could have taken short. But there is always another trade. 



Trade 4: $RKDA. Took a small size on $RKDA premarket, took a partial, and then stoped out. There is no leverage of Range order, so I must get out immediately after the price broke my SL. Did just that. 

Switched to SIM and traded $DIX for a reversal at 11.35AM, as the price was bottoming. had 70c move against 20c stop. Traded $MSFT reversal on Double bottom at 12.30, had 50c move against 25c stop. Took a Long position in $AMD for the break of $35. 

Good: overall good trading day, as losses were very small and wins big. Also had some good trades in SIM.

Improvement: must avoid these hotkey mistakes. $ROKU was a nice ride up. Also on the 2nd entry in $ROKU, i could have gone with big R instead of r. 




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Green day. 1.5r. Decent trading day, esp on a Monday.

Watchlist: $MU, $ROKU, $GGAL, $AMD and $RKDA (LF/LP). I didn't trade till 9.45AM, as I couldn't find any pattern.

Trade 1: $TS was setting up for 9/20 MA cross above 50MA, I took Long small share size got out for a small profit. 


Trade 2&3: $MU. Took break of the wedge setup. This is not my A+ setup, so again took half sharesize. Got stopped out, flipped my position and got out for BE. Price couldn't break 50MA on 5min. BE.



Trade 4: $GGAL. One more Wedge setup, again half the share size. Stock stopped me out, and went in my direction. Slippage was very bad 10c. -1.5r.



Trade 5: $AMRN. My best trade of the day. Took a reversal, after price appeared to be bottoming out and forming double bottom. I preempted the setup a bit on 15min for the price to break the previous candle. Targeted 2r and Got 2r. I should have gone with Double share size (to the risk R). +2r



Good: Decent trading day.

Improvement: Good trading day, if only I could get rid of that slippage, but it happens. Also, remember to increase the sharesize, when my A+ setup appars ($AMRN).

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Green day. +2r. Took only 3 trades today, as I couldn't be available at the open. 

Watchlist: $ROKU, $JD, $TWTR and $RKDA, $DCPH, $CVET

Trade1: $ROKU. Was strong today for the 3rd consecutive day, I took micro size at premarket close to VWAP. Risk was 0.1r only. Exited before the open, got .5r profit.  Premarket trading is almost like trading in slowmotion. Only risk is the volatile price movement and the risk of going beyond the stoploss. It is important to have very good entry and proper share size. I was expecting the price to go down af the open as it was too much extended, but $ROKU opened strong but sold off. $ROKU has formed a shooting star on the daily at the close. Tomorrow, i expect it to break down finally, after the bull run. 



Trade2: $JD. I missed the open, waited for a good setup. It occured on $JD at 12PM, I saw the ABCD pattern on the 5min and also a hammer. Took it long. Was patient with my partials. I saw lot of ask at the $30.5 level, din't want to get caught in that, so exited just before that. +2r.



Trade3: $CRON. Watched $CRON hitting 200MA on 15min, was tempted to take short although I was done for the day. Took it with half share size, it moved with SPY and got stopped out. -0.5r 



Trade4: $CVET. Took reversal on $CVET, realized I was on SIM after the entry. Treated it like a Live trade. Got 2R/3R.



Good: I waited patiently after missing the Open, I took my first trade only after 12PM. No FOMO, when other members were making trades. Today was an excellent day to trade the open, I felt. 

Improvement: Happy with my trading today. 

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Red day -0.5r. I was down -4r, but managed to recover some of it. I overtraded a bit, but saw genuine setups and went with only half share size. 

Watchlist: $ROKU, $M, $UBER, $MYGN and $INMD apart from usual stocks. 

Trades 1&2: $ROKU. I noted $ROKU was strong in Premarket, after bullish trend on 5min. It opened with a hammer on the 1min too. So took it long, but got stopped out, with some slippage. Then it formed an Engulfing on 1min also ABCD pattern, so went long. But 5min seemed to be bouncing off 50MA, I was lucky to get out immediately and avoided the big dump. I couldn't flip my position. 



Trades 3&4: $M. $M had gapped down due to poor earnings. I took ORBD, got stopped out (should have got out earlier after 1min engulfing/5min lower wicks.), flipped my position and partial till VWAP.2019-08-15_$M_2trades_ORBD_Engulfing.png


Trade 5: $M. My Best trade of the day.  I noted ABCD pattern on 5min took it long, added to my position and exited above 50MA on 5min. Kurt also had similar trade and a recap today. 



Trade 6: $M. Another trend trade, after price bounced off 50MA on 1min. Added to my position and partialed too much. 



Trade 7: $BAC. 2 trades, one for reversal and another one flipping position, both losses.



Good: was overtrading so moved away from the system. Later in the day, found some good setups and took them with small share sizes. Overall, good recovery after the opening loss in $ROKU. Due to small share sizes, losses are small.

Improvement: Overtrading today.  I cut my losses short, but I have to reduce losing trades, need to check my %losing recently.

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Green day. +3r. 

Watchlist: $BABA, $CSCO, $GE, $WMT, $CGC. I traded only $GE as it was in play on a negative news and i found it trading very well. 

Trade1&2: $GE. Gaped down daily, due to news. Took it short on the pullback, got stopped out. Three 1min candle appearing to go high with long lower wick, Flipped position for Long, got stopped out again. Very small sharesize. Total loss -1r. 



Trade 3: $GE. Price bounced off 50MA 1min, took it short with a stop of 8c (above 50MA 1min, where it bounced). Took partial at 2r. Exited all on a new 5min high. Best trade of the day.

Trade 4: $GE. Took short below VWAP after doji on 1min, price didn't dump, so gotout for 0.5r.

Trade 5: $GE. $Price moved to 200MA on 1min, bounced off, I took it short. Very good trade. Entry - $8.39, Stop - 4c, Partial at 2r, 5r, 8r. 



Good: Managed the emotions and trades well. Didn't overtrade. one of my best days. 

Improvement: Missed some move on $GE as ran 30c beyond my last partial, could have kept 5% to run till the end. But overall happy about the day. 

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Red day. -1r. Not a great day today. But loss limited to 1r, despite bit of overtrading. I will not be trading next week as I am on vacation. Keeping my journal short today, due to travelling. 

Watchlist: $NVDA, $AMD, $AMAT, $GE


Trade 1: Traded in the premarket, biased for Long. Took profit and got greedy, increase sharesize and got stopped out. 

Trade 2: When the price bounced off 200MA 1min, took a position for long, got stopped out (as I was waiting for $NVDA to reverse due to my bias) 

Trade 3: Took Long after price bounced off multiple times at 50MA 15min, Good partials too. Added in between, hence stopped out at BE. Price reached my final target of VWAP.


$GE: Traded $GE as a follow up to yesterday. Didn't trade cleanly today.

$AMD : Traded $AMD when $SPY surged on a news. Scalped the move. 

Good: Nothing much except kept the loss tight. 

Improvement: Today was the first time I breached my rule in Premarket (share size). Breaching a rule in premarket disturbs the whole day. 


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I love it how you entered right above the 50MA after it held it for around an hour! I love it more that you entered so close to the MA which makes your stoploss really tight and get you much room above you for profiting! Good job Vikram!

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