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  1. Have you try this? Right click on DAS icon and you should see the setting page.
  2. Thanks for the video. Question to Jessie, not so related to TD/IB. What triggers you to accumulate in premarket for the open?
  3. Amazing materials Matthew! It definitely help newbie to put things into perspective, perfect for revision.
  4. Welcome onboard Nate! Marcus here from Kuala Lumpur. I've join BBT around 3 weeks now, going through the materials, weekly live trades and webinars. Awesome community, good learning materials. Just setup my DAS, did a couple of replay trades. See you in the chat and if you wish to connect as a learning buddy; feel free to drop me an email. [email protected] Cheers Marcus
  5. Hi All, My name is Marcus Leong. I am from Malaysia, done some swing trade and invest in an amateur way for a few years. I laid myself off from employment as a Regional BD in 2019, as I see it is not going to get me out from the rat race. Started of doing some freelance marketing job for some SME and see where it takes me. COVID set's in and got me thinking seriously what can I do and be good at to make a sustainable income or even be financially free. Then i found Andrew's book, finish reading it, and here I am a life time member of BBT. It's only been less than a week, I am getting myself to spend a few hours each day on the videos here. Look forward to get into SIM soon, until then- more videos and login to watch live trade. It's more exciting than watching football Any new traders or members, feel free to connect ([email protected] / +6012 2232982 WhatsAPP) with me. Need a learning buddy! Before jumping in with the big brothers here. Cheers all, Marcus
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