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  1. Hi - Just ran into this journal. On your $NKE trade, thoughts on why saw a reversal? Triangles/ price level breaks is one of my go-to strategy and I would have went short right at the point where you exited, looking for the break at your second entry.
  2. Hi Guys - I tried to take Fallen Angel trade on DAL at market open 1/14/2020. DAL has gapped up 4% pre-market. At the Open the stock pulled back towards the VWAP and I went long. After the stock dropped further 30 cents, I stopped out. I was taking this trade using DAS replay feature so I didn't have a chance to look at L2 during this trade. Interested to hear thoughts on if this is a bad trade or if the trade just didn't work out. I am trying to analyze if I should have not taken this trade and couldnt find good reasons. Thanks.
  3. hi Glenn - I am looking at your RAD trade and want to offer a quick thought. Have you considered trading on 5 minute ORB? In the hindsight, this seems to be perfect 5 minute ORB setup. First 5 minute candle body high at 15.08, so that can be entry with a stop at 14.88 (risk of 20 cents) and take profits at previous day high at 15.48 (potential reward of 40 cents). I am not familiar with your background but I am a month into my simulation and find it easier to test 5 min ORB strategies than 1 min ORB strategies. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this and learn.
  4. Hi Wayne. Thanks for your response. agree that it is ideal to practice during trading hours but my schedule doesnt permit this most of the days. My goal is to practice in simulator in the evenings after work. I plan to watch the pre-open show in the morning and dont follow market all day. My schedule is not very flexible so thought this is my best option. Thoughts?
  5. Hello everyone! This is naveen from Texas. Been a member of the community for a few weeks now. I have been looking at ways to generate alternative streams of cash flow and interested to try out day trading. if I can get the hang of this and be successful, I am hopeful that I will be able to switch to a full time day trader over the next 12-18 months. Just want to reach out to the group and introduce myself. I am open to any new traders interested in sharing ideas and catchup in general. Feel free to message me. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the chat! Happy Trading!
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