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  1. Overcoming / bouncing back from really tough losses or losing periods Strategies for scaling up (when/how you know you are ready) Creating greater accountability: Finding trading buddies or creating your own accountability group
  2. Hi Kyle, Man, your hotkeys have been a life saver for me. Is there any way to set up a hot key that simultaneously sets a stop and a profit target once you enter a position? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, my name is Kyle. I've been day trading for a year now. I've been wanting to join the community for a while and am now happy that I did. Hope this doesn't discourage anyone who is just starting out. I've had a pretty rough time as a trader so far. Lots of inconsistency and losses over the past year. I guess you could say the only thing I am consistent at is losing. I know it's all a part of the learning process (I try to look at it as paying tuition), and I'm trying my best to be patient and to maintain a long-term perspective. The last five weeks have been particularly difficult though. I've literally had one green day. To say the least, it was quite demoralizing when I finally convinced myself to go back to the sim. I've been in other chatrooms and never really felt a sense of community or genuine mentorship. I guess that's what drew me here. Anyway, hope I didn't discourage anyone. I'm sticking with it and am looking forward to connecting with some of you guys here at BBT.
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