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  1. ShivaMani

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    We are fine with the current Location. Anaheim or Long Beach is not a bad idea, but driving to LA with the traffic will be super hard !
  2. ShivaMani

    Swing Trading Ideas

    Awesome! Looking forward to learn about swing trading. We have signed up for the alters, thank you Brian!
  3. ShivaMani

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Bhavan MS (29 yrs), I am learning trading along with my twin brother Bhuvan MS (29 yrs). We both are from India, moved to US in 2013 for graduate program. Currently, we are full-time Polymer Process Engineers for a Medical Device Company located in Southern CA. We joined BBT in October 2018 and are looking forward to develop a career for financial independence through BBT community. Its a great feeling to be a member of BBT, we thank Andrew and his team for the continuous help and support.
  4. ShivaMani

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    Thanks Albert for taking the time to organize the meet up! Could you please let me know the finalized date and location? looking forward to this !
  5. Awesome explanation ! Thank you very much for the help Robert. Have a great day ! Best Regards, Bhavan
  6. ShivaMani

    How to Configure DAS Mobile

    Thank you very for the response Robert ! I will try again and will keep you posted. Have a great day!
  7. ShivaMani

    How to Configure DAS Mobile

    Hi Robert, Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful info with us. I downloaded the DAS app on my I phone and tried logging-in. For some reason I am seeing error messages and I am unable to log in. I used the User ID and password that was provided by the team for my Simulator. Below are the pictures of the error . Could you please help me to understand, what I am doing wrong here? Thank you very much for your time and help. Best Regards, Bhavan MS

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