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  1. I'm trying to figure out what is the meaning of the "BxA" column on the T&S DAS trader window. I inquired to DAS support but they replied a foolish simplistic answer saying "it's the bid and the Ask". That shows they don't even know themselves. I also spent quite a few hours googling, but the few matches the search yields, it's just not clear and conflicting. So I wonder if any of the members have already figured out the REAL meaning of the "BxA" column and what it might mean at any given price. I somehow have the feeling that it might provide useful information to some of us that try to confirm our entries using the T&S. I leave the topic open so hopefully there can be a discussion on the matter and those interested can benefit from it.
  2. Thanks a lot Matthew for this awesome compilation.
  3. Sure nikkib I've watched that video before. What I proposed is a more academic demostration on how probability applies to trading. For example, many people dismiss a totally good strategy because when they test it, they have 4 lossers in a raw, and probabilistically that might be totally normal. With simple probability math, you can collect some statistics and apply probability teory to know what is a winning stratety and what is just luck. Probability is one of those topics that most people seemingly understand, but very few take important decisions based on it. Huge businesses rely on it, and we as traders should as well.
  4. Mathematical Probability applied to trading. It would be nice to have a webinar explaining the probability applied to trading the markets. Topics that might be covered: - A mathematical explanation of the probability of having a losing/winning streak given a winning %. - How probability is applied on casinos (from the casino owner’s point of view), which is the way a trader should trade. - Why you don’t need to have a big winning % if you understand probability. - Some real-life examples where probability determine the outcome and how can we apply it to trading. - Why thinking in probabilities helps with handling the roller coaster of emotions during trading.
  5. I wanted to share my trading setup mostly to debunk the idea that you "must" have several monitors and high-end workstations to day trade. This is my minimalist setup which is very effective in costs, space, performance and maintenance. I use a 27” 4K monitor on which I can display simultaneously 6 stocks on 3 time frames, with their corresponding montage and T&S. Any fairly modern laptop (I5 sixth generation onwards) can run a 4K display, so you don’t need an expensive gaming station with discrete graphics card. The second laptop seen on the photo is optional. I use it to access the forum and browse the internet.
  6. I gave up looking for low-risk/cost-effective alternatives to circunvent the PDT rule. I didn't find any solution, so I decided to open an account with IB and put up with the dreaded PDT rule. CME was on the table, so I sent them several questions about their known shortcomings, and they basically said, "those are part of the risk of trading". Such ridiculous answer made me discart them.
  7. I was seriously considering opening an account with CMEG due to be the only seemingly alternative for non-US/non-Canadians that want to avoid the dreadful PDT rule. But after reading the comments on this thread, it seems like CMEG is just awful and won't accept any responsibility for their poor performance. Any suggestion on where to open an account without being bound with the PDT rule?
  8. Hi Isaac21, I'm on the same boat as you! Did you find a broker without the PDTR for non-US citizens?
  9. I'm on the same predicament of the OP, but I'm not Canadian. I live in Colombia. Today I asked IB whether the PDT rule would apply to me (non-US citizen) and they said "yes, it also applies to you - you need 25k minimum account". So I'm now very confused and frustrated. Should I try to open the account in IB Canada? Are there other non-US traders in the community with real accounts that can give me some advice?
  10. Great tip. Do you think it would be possible to configure a Hotkey to change quickly, say, from 10% to 40% and viceversa?
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