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  1. Hi Anyone knows if there is a way to get the DAS account reports from the previous 3 days. Thank you Isaac
  2. Hello there, After 6 months running DAS simulator and conected to BBT comunity, I am looking forward to go live. I live is Israel and I am looking for a broker without PDT 25K rule. Any suggestion? Thank you Isaac
  3. Robert thank you for sharing your trades. How do you set up the volume average line in DAS? Thx, Isaac
  4. Carlos, Thank you so much for your answer, you're very kind. Today I traded just focussing on the techniques and hiding the PLR, it was totally different. I focused also in my risk management. After And hour I got surpriced when I saw a profit of 338 dollars after 6 trades Amazing! I have to improve my entry in order to get a better entry. Thank you, IL
  5. Hi Carlos, amaing job and strategy I have been trading on simulator for 2 months, one of the things that I am struggling is how large my position have to be in order to have a reasonable profit. Since I live abroad (Israel), I have the possibility to open a broker account with less thatn 25K, however after being for a while trading I think you need BP in order to have a reasonable profit which will leave you a reasonable net profit after paying commision fees, spread, taxes, software, etc What would be your recommendation. I would like to kindly ask you how was your plan/training to get to the point you are now Thank you in advance for your help, IL
  6. Robert, thank you for your answer IL
  7. I'm from Israel and currently trading on DAS simulator. Planning ahead to open an IB account. Here in Israel we have an IB office which let you open an account with less than 25K, howver comissions are $0.05/share with a minimum of $2.5 per ticket which is too high for a small position strategy with a round of 5-7 tickets per trade. So, for this reason I was thinking to open the IB account in US. What are the pros and cons of opening an IB account in Canada instead ? Does IB Canada have the 25K regulation? Thanks, Isaac
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