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  1. marcelperez

    Reversal or ABCD pattern

    I wish i had some lol. i have OCD so i delete everything end of day. I will post here if there are some that i see. Sorry.. Robert H and William have some in their youtube recaps btw.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I used to scale out before reaching 2R and now i only take 50% off when i reach 2Rs and then scale when I reach an additional R, similar to what Kurt and Aiman do. The reason I was scaling out earlier than 2R is because I was taking too big of a size, I am now risking 1/3 of my max loss in every trade and looking for opportunities with 3:1. The only times I get out before my stop loss or profit target are when the stock is not moving, the tape gets slow or it gets choppy and i feel i am not using my time wisely. Scaling out at 2Rs is important as you will be able to: 1) take smaller size 2) git it more room on stop loss 3) make more money
  3. marcelperez

    Reversal or ABCD pattern

    I check the following: 1) 15 minute chart engulfing 2) on 1 minute and 5 minute i start seeing more bullish volume candles 3) 1 minute - 9-20 ema cross 4) double bottom or higher lows (bottoms)
  4. marcelperez

    What is average commissions amount by month?

    I tried each for a month each and then calculated the total commission / the total number of shares traded and noted that i ended up paying less with tiered. It is not a material difference though
  5. marcelperez

    Newly Proposed Wall Street Tax

    If this happens i will give up my US Citizenship. This will not pass. it will take a huge toll on mainstreet also, think of all the 401k money that is deployed every week to stocks and etfs that would have to pay .2%. this is higher than a sector fund management fee. This will not pass and she will not even win elections.
  6. marcelperez

    Intelligently choosing between IB, SpeedTrader and CenterPoint...

    Hi Jean-Pierre, Interactive Brokers is the most reputable company out of all of them. It is a publicly traded company, it has most assets under management and longest track record. Also, Andrew uses IB. The other providers are also good but if you have over $25k i would recommend interactive brokers.
  7. Great question, i assume they include more orders so it is better but das has the most important i don't believe the difference will affect you trading decision.
  8. marcelperez

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    I believe the questions he will be answering are more related to the psychological aspect, not technical one
  9. marcelperez

    What is average commissions amount by month?

    i think both are good, my only reason for interactive brokers was its track record and good fills i get. also they always have shares for short
  10. marcelperez

    What is average commissions amount by month?

    AMD or MU i normally do 1k, yes i pay about $10 round trip. $50 per day more or less. Im not proud of it though. I use interactive brokers
  11. ohh im gonna have to return the 17 monitors i bought yesterday....i should have asked before
  12. Is 10 the maximum # of montages one can have?
  13. marcelperez

    ‘Reading the tape’

    I agree with you. I think the level 2 has some usefulness but the tape itself tells a lot.
  14. marcelperez

    What is average commissions amount by month?

    I pay around 2%, of my capital ~$30k, normally about $30-$50/day . i trade around 3-5 trades per day 1k shares for stocks like MU.
  15. marcelperez

    ‘Reading the tape’

    I found a strategy called "Unusual Number of prints" which tells you the stocks whose tape is moving faster than average. I will start using it tomorrow. Something that has helped me improve my trading is never trading a stock with a slow time and sales, the higher the # of prints the better.

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