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  1. marcelperez

    Day Trading Reality Check (list)

    thanks Rob
  2. Is it true that we can ask DAS to add ARCA order book and remove one of the features
  3. Level 2 is really an alias to order book for different exchanges> In DAS you will get NYSE and NSDAQ but you have to ask for them to add ARCA. I think AMEX, BX and BATS are not there, not 100% sure.
  4. marcelperez

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    1. non-trading related mental exercises that you recommend before starting a trading session 2. Switching between live and sim without knowing it to avoid any bias or change in style from knowing if it is real or not. Do you recommend this??
  5. I would like to add. Is it possible to have a discord or chatroom where members can chat with each other live via microphone???? It is easier than having to write on a chat when you are so focused, there could be some rules around it. It could even be a text to speech or something. It would also be great if for analytics purpose to benefit the community, we could link DAS to the chatroom or a platform where trades are recorded so we can gather data and go over trades that many people did, if they don't come up well we can discuss possible reasons they did not. I think there is a lot of intelligence we can obtain from combined trading behavior that can benefit community as a whole.
  6. What made me join BBT: 1. Transparency and Honesty - not a get rich quick, trade in sim first, you will not make thousands per day. it takes time to do this. 2. Andrew's personality - humble, with feet on the ground. His reason for trading is a combination of passion for it + the freedom it brings and flexibility. I see money the same way he views it as a tool. 3. Variety - I like Andrew's trading style but I have also learned alot from Brian on swing trading and in general about market behavior; he seems to understand the market in a holistic way which comes from experience. Some people trade at open some at close, some do penny, some mid. Great for all personalities. 4. Mentors and members - combination of professionalism, humbleness with sense of humor. This is not an exclusive community where you have to meet certain criteria to join but Andrew has done a great job in selecting moderators and the team he put together and this is important. Mature, professional people with good intentions. 5. No marketing heavy - Andrew has put a lot of effort in building the community and thank you doesn't pay the bills, there are operating costs and costs of time but Andrew does not abuse of this and he does not push things that are not necessary. His opinion on the products he promotes is always honest. He is a smart guy and knows that growing the community organically in the long run will create a better community. What would I like to see more? Something I like about Robert H is that he shows his failures and he is not ashamed of it, he has done recaps of bad trades and rule breakings, Andrew does this also, he accepts when his trading was bad and when he broke rules and he shows bad habits he had during the session. I would like to see 1- recaps of bad days from everyone. I commit myself to doing daily recaps even on red days. I learn more from bad trades than good ones. 2. Does not need to get personal as I respect Andrew's privacy but him explaining his journey in detail will help motivate us more those moments where trading gets hard and we feel like quitting. When he said he has been trading 6 years it makes me realize that I am not doing so bad, that it takes more time than i might think. Learn more about some struggles he had in the process of becoming consistent. Things that went through his mind and how he handled them.
  7. After being part of BBT for over a year, and going through ups and downs, i hit a rough patch. I've noticed all my vwap and reversal trades are chopping me and have not been working for me compared to simple ORBs. 84% of my green trades based on my trading journal, are ORBs. 10% are engulfings right after an opening range before 9:40 and only 5% are vwap trades or reversals. I am thinking of just focusing on ORBs. What are your thoughts? has anyone had a similar experience?
  8. We can try the techniques learned in trading in the casino, martingale strategy! averaging down all the way lol! just kidding
  9. We are having a meetup today at BLue Moon at 6pm

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    2. Joshua Pitts

      Joshua Pitts

      Thank you Marcel! My wife and I share one vehicle - so waiting to see how her work day goes. I'll update in a couple of hours!


    3. marcelperez


      it is cancelled, give me your phone #so we can add you to the day trading text group and we can organize next one

    4. Joshua Pitts

      Joshua Pitts

      No worries!

      805-709-1397. Looking forward to meeting you all,


  10. marcelperez

    Please help me win a laptop!

    Just liked it. Are you near Denver on thursday? we are planning a meetup @ Blue MOon
  11. This would be awesome. less than 2 hrs from Denver so sounds good!
  12. marcelperez

    BBT Colorado Meetup

    Whats your phone #? We will add you to the group what is your phone # we will add you to the txt message group
  13. marcelperez

    BBT Colorado Meetup

    What is your cel # What is your cel #
  14. marcelperez

    BBT Colorado Meetup

    I'm in downtown so preferably Blue Moon but driving to Broomfield is fine with me as well. Lets do 6pm thursday the 30th. I'm flexible. I will PM everyone in the group so we can decide on specifics Can you guys share your phone # and we can do a whatsapp or txt message group. It will be easier as we can get instant replies. if not any other suggestions
  15. marcelperez

    BBT Colorado Meetup

    Ok lets do 30th so we have time to coordinate. People fly out on Thursday because of Memorial so it ill be easy the following week. I assume everyone is the northern Metro area so we can do something between Denver - Boulder like Broomfield or we can do downtown.

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