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    Wednesday - September 09, 2020 Index Futures Watch /ES is beginning to show potential for bottoming, as we have moved outside our VA Low around 3380 and are gapping slightly above yesterday's low, which was near the low of the session. We expect some movement back into the VA Range, with 3500 as our V POC and high-end target for a bounce. 10D 30M Chart /NQ extended further below the VA Low 11555 and saw a potential low of 10935 on yesterday's AM session. Out short term target for a bounce is the VA Low, which coincides with recent lower highs before yesterday's selloff. We're seeing a larger gap up in the current PM session, which may lead to a larger move higher. 10D 30M Chart /RTY looks overall similar to /NQ, with more volume placed at V POC 1565 and less 'peaks' of volume near the VA High/Low. Short-term target is VA Low 1535 and 1550 recent lower highs. 10D 30M Chart Premarket Review at 9:00 ET Interesting Markets: Natural Gas up 3%, strong off the PM lows at 2.34 and possible trend continuation. Crude Oil up 1.7% finding some support around 36 and sitting at 37.5, may be a small bounce attempt on a larger selloff. Volatility and $VIX down 3.5% roughly, market bounce and possible reduction in downside hedging may lead to volatility reduction throughout the session. Dollar Index appears to have found a V bottom support around 91.75, starting to clear recent lower highs, but dollar weakness can lead to market strength. Premarket Sectors at 9:15 ET Things to Watch: $OSTK (Strong Tech and 'Risk On' Day can lead to more volatile names moving 'faster' than others). $SPCE (Good volume and Gap Up, trying to get over yesterday's high and BIG Engulfing pattern last two days). $AAPL, $TSLA, and mostly Tech Sector for larger bounces.
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    TRADE OF THE DAY AND WEEK SUBMISSION GUIDELINES TRADE OF THE DAY (Monday – Friday) 1. Markup and post your best Trade for the day on Twitter by 1:30pm ET. (Trades that are closed out between 1:30pm – 4:30pm ET are eligible for the following day’s submission) 2. Friday trades can be submitted for consideration for Monday’s Trade of the Day. 3. High Quality Screenshots have priority if there are close cases. 4. Tag @bearbulltraders, @MikeB_BBT, and @NormBBT to qualify for submission 5. Use Hashtag #BBTFamily 6. The winner will be announced in the BBT Closing Bell Show on Monday and Posted to Twitter TRADE OF THE WEEK 1. The five Trades of the Day will be voted on by BBT Moderators for Trade of the Week. 2. The Trade receiving the most votes will be the winner and announced on Moday at 1230 during the Closing Bell Show on YouTube and Posted to Twitter.
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