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    The Hummingbird Project (2018) is a movie about a pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal. I still have to watch it.
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    I forgot to add their is a class in the education center that explains these levels in great detail, ( CLASS 2), which i watched a number of times to help me add my own, which i highly recommended you watch. hope this helps
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    Hi, I had the same issue when i started- I just couldn't keep up with carlos . So i recorded the Pre-market show and when the trading day was over, I would rewatch the show and paused it as he was doing the lines so i could work out where he was putting them and most importantly WHY he was choosing that specific price level in the chart (the pre-market show is available on you tube now so you don't have to record it yourself now) I then also has a daily chart up of the stock he was adding the lines to and tested myself to see if i could plot the same lines. once you do this for 2 weeks you will be able to add your own support and resistance lines easily. Now I build a watch-list the same as Carlos and when norm is doing the announcement I add my own lines to each chart and then double check them against the ones that Carlos points out, it easier to move a line a few cents than try to add new ones .
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    Hi everyone, I'm Jan (pronounced Yan) but JC will do. I am British but living in Norway for the last 14 years. I'm an economist working for an oil company, dreaming of escape. The idea of day trading hit me when having a beer with a mate of mine who was developing trading algorithms. It was annoying - here was a geologist doing stuff that maybe an economist should be doing. Anyway, I started to research and found Andrew's books and got hooked. I joined BBT recently (August 2019). I am in the long term planning and sim phase before considering going live. I have to say that the community is excellent. The more you dig the more useful information you discover. At first the classes and then the additional resources, then getting to know the moderators and their individual trading styles, this has all been really helpful. However, dig a little deeper and you find the forums are a gold mine. Members like Kyle with his hotkey scripts, Robert H supporting so many members and showing such empathy, Mike B and many others with the journals and Igor and Adrian with Chartlog, the list goes on and on. People are so incredibly generous with their time and ideas. It really is fantastic. Great community, great people.
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