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    Dear members, as requested, now we have TWO TABS IN OUR CHATROOM! Please follow these guidelines for using each tab, this way we will have a better chatroom! + MAIN CHAT: ALL ABOUT THE CURRENT TRADING SESSION: stocks in play, entries, exits, stop loss of your trades, support and resistance levels, breaking news about stocks, etc. + OFF-TOPIC / SUPPORT: Anything UNRELATED TO THE CURRENT TRADING SESSION: DISCUSSIONS about markets in general, brokers, day trading software, hardware and tools; day trading learning / experiences, sports, pets, video games, etc. GET HELP with your **SPECIFIC QUESTIONS** about DAS Trading Pro, BBT Memberships, Brokers, Technical Analysis, etc. PLEASE HELP TO BUILD A BETTER COMMUNITY always being helpful and nice with other members. If you notice harassment or disrespect in chatroom, please report to Moderators using private message or email: abiel, carlos, peter, robert or ryan @bearbulltraders.com sending the username and screenshot of the user messages in question.
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    It's called an Elgato Streamdeck. Here is a link to the Icon set I made for my station.
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