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    • To add to ur comments u could also do the below command to config the horizontal line in the hotkey:   ConfigTrendLine horzline dashdotline:1a6316:1:ffffff:1a6316 ;HorizontalLine  ;   Which gives the Hex color value for the line and line flag.
    • I bought a Stream Deck and xkeys at the same time. Xkeys was winner in my book. Returned Stream Deck.  
    • Thank you. I have Loupedeck Live and I finally made it work last night. Both devices are great ideas for hot keys. Execution in sim mode in DAS was very smooth. Ciao!
    • Not that it accomplishes the same thing, but when I have to leave my computer for a bit, I set a trailing stop loss.  I haven't had a problem with it working correctly (yet?).
    • Definitely the worse day trading live Futures I have had. And it's not due to the largest single day loss (more than double the next closes single day loss), it was due to the 6 orders I didn't get filled. Each of the six were winners. Instead I got 3 stop outs and two break evens today. We had good downward momentum in the PM and a huge pull back. Then the price dropped again and didn't give me an entry but I placed an order anyway it case it jumps back to give me a fill. The price did recoil back but no fill. Then the price dropped big without me.  Then the ES set up for a "Test-Retest" setup (essentially a double bottom). I got an entry and set my exit order. When I saw the price ran up and touch my order I thought I was done for the day. Instead no fill and the price dropped back where I got out at B/E.     Momentum turned strongly upward. I tried to go long when the price broke a previous level, but no fill, then went and reached my target. Then the price made a new high and a strong pull back. I went long but after 3 tries to go higher I pull my stop to B/E and got stopped out. Then the price made a new high and a break out type setup occurred, but no fill so it ran without me.   Another no fill trade occurred off the chart, so that is all I will mention about it. Then again a new high and pull back so I went long and got the full stop out. The price dipped lower and sprang back but I didn't get a fill and it ran without me. Then another new high and a pull back. Went long and immediately got stopped out. Then more of a pull back and went long again, the price dropped to stop me out to the tick then ran without me. I hope everyone had a decent day today. Rob C  
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