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Mountain Standard Time. Connecting like-minded people! Welcome to talk about trade ideas, broad market outlooks, news feed your subscribe to, books you are reading, and questions you may have. All are welcome to join

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  2. When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice. ~Simon Sinek
  3. Hi BBT, I wanted to see if there is any interest in doing another meetup this month. I would be nice to network and discuss trading with fellow traders. Please let me know if anyone is interested? I am located in Littleton. Jeff
  4. Great meetup yesterday. I look forward to more meetups in the future.
  5. love to get together. text me. 970.396.7888
  6. Hi BBT traders, I just wanted to make sure that you are all aware of this. I hope some of you can attend. I am looking forward to meeting some fellow BBT traders. Event details Join Us! All Global BBT Members are invited to join us in Denver, Colorado for a meet up! Travel Far and Wide for our 3 hour get together, and, if your around Colorado lets meet up! Get together planned on April 20 for casual, yet serious, and wildly fun discussions regarding you! Any ideas regarding Trade Edges, Favorite Strategies, Best Trades, or Other Wealth Building Strategies you've got loaded and loaded for 2021. Look me up at Market Open, @ChangeFlip, if you send ChangeFlip your email via ChatRoom private message he will send you the email invite.
  7. MY name is David and I live in Colorado. I am married with four boys. I have been trading for full time live two years. I trade stocks, options, and dipping my toes in trading futures. We have two other active traders in our Slack group. Just us three guys! Looking to keep the group small between 3-5 people. If this interests you, please inquire. Cheers, DH
  8. Connor proves delayed market order execution from TD for one share of $TSLA at the market open. IB and DAS is the answer for day traders.
  9. Marcel thanks for sending this. Just to clarify for everyone. Marcel setup a phone messaging group that we used for maybe 2 months now, but we are not able to add some phone numbers and we don't know the reasons. It could be some problem with imessage on iphone. Please if you want to join the whatsapp BBT CO group go ahead and shortly introduce yourself so we know who is who. This morning we had a bkfst meeting - Marcel, Brian and me. I really enjoyed it, it was a very lively conversation. We hope more people can join next time.
  10. 4-5 of us have scheduled to meet for breakfast on Sunday, Sept 15th, 8:30am at the Bacon Social House, 2434 W 44th Ave, Denver, Co 80211. If anyone else in Colorado is able to join please do. Cheers nik
  11. Can everyone that can make it this weekend confirm here and let us know a preferred date - 14 or 15 Sept? Lets not wait till the last moment because we can all make other plans for the weekend if this does not work out.
  12. im down for breakfast on 09/14 or 09/15. i live in sw denver
  13. I am up north and I can better meet in Denver after 11pm from Monday to Saturday. I think three or more is good group size to start.
  14. Marcel, I am not sure what you mean by 'do something'. Just have a local meetup or organize something larger where we can invite BBT Andrew and other BBT moderators? We have discussed tentatively that we may meet Sept 15 in the morning for breakfast. Would that work for ppl in Denver metro and other parts of Colorado? If to invite moderators we need to be very serious before we do this and know for sure, almost 100%, who is coming.
  15. Guys we need to do something. Brian NiK and I have been chatting for a while and would like to prepare something. Anyone interested?
  16. meetup tonight CANCELED A few people canceled today and the rest of us that were sure we were going now decided to cancel too.
  17. Actually as I was scrolling through the pages your setup was one of my favorite ones.
  18. Just liked it. Are you near Denver on thursday? we are planning a meetup @ Blue MOon
  19. Can you help me out? I posted my trading desk on the BBT page. Would you all please go and "like" my trading setup? My rig post is on the second page about halfway down. Here is the direct link and what my rig looked like. Thank you! I'd love to have another computer to add to my gear.
  20. everyone on all message forums is discussing Blue Moon for this Thursday. I say we finalize it. DollarBill hopefully this works for you this time. Next time we can meet some other place. (I live 5min away from Rock Bottom ) ==================================== 6pm, May 30th, 2019 Blue Moon Brewing Company 3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216 ====================================
  21. i can do blue moon but no sure i can do rock bottom
  22. I can do Blue Moon this time, not Rock Bottom. I have a work commitment at 7:30pm in Denver that night. But I understand D.B. is coming from up north. So I’m fine with whatever you decide. I can always meet you all next time
  23. rock bottom or blue moon? Let's finalize location and ask Abiel to announce it in Alerts. Dave, Marcel created a message group. He will probably add you to it today. There we have been agreeing to go blue moon this time.
  24. Whats your phone #? We will add you to the group what is your phone # we will add you to the txt message group

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