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  1. I was hoping to get help setting up my platform. Because of my day job, I am limited where I am permit to trade. The platform I am using doesn't have VWAP as a native indicator, but you can customize Volume Weighted Moving Average with 'Period' and 'Source' variables. I have set Source to 'Open' and Period to 1. It doesn't look quite right. In the below case, orange. I suppose I should have included the legend, this is a one minute 9/17 Any thought? Mike O'B Denver, Co
  2. The subscription isn't activated. Its been like this all week, but not counting down the days on my trial. Its up now.
  3. Gentlemen, I'm really grateful for the ideas, I'm watching Kurt's video immediately. Thank you.
  4. it didn't work. I'm still getting nothing from the feed.
  5. I think I got it. Account->Reset connection. It isn't loading data with Andrew's setup, but the market is closed, but resetting the connection got the data to feed on other channels.
  6. Today is my second day of a 5 day trial with Trade Ideas. To get started, I simply used the link in the education center to import Andrew's scanner settings. Judging from the titles of the windows, that part has gone well. What is concerning is that the scans don't seem to return ANY results. I have found the play / pause button, that isn't the issue. Lil Help?
  7. I think i heard in the chat room there i was a coupon good through 8/14 where you could try Trade Ideas for a week cheap? Little Help?
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