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  1. This is Dan (from Grand Junction). I am flying in from Brazil tonight so I still plan on coming to the meetup at Chick-fil-a in Lakewood. tomorrow See you there!
  2. Hi guys, this is Dan I am currently in Brazil visiting my in-laws and will be arriving in Denver on March 6th around 10:15 (assuming good weather for my 2nd leg from Washington DC). So, I should be able to meet up with you all any time after about noon or 1:00. Let me know if that would work with everyone else. Chick-Fil-A in Lakewood is fine by me. Thanks!
  3. I'm just interested in meeting everyone (putting names to faces), talk about how long you've been trading, how successful you've been, maybe what strategies you use, maybe what your computer platform looks like, any other types of investing you do, and any suggestions for helping us novice traders like me.
  4. Is there any chance of changing it to the 6th??? I will be in Denver on that day.
  5. Hi Guys. I'm Dan and live in Grand Junction. I've been a member of BBT since March 2018. There is "a chance" that I will be in the Denver area on the 7th and could set apart some time to meet up. Thanks!
  6. Hi! I live in Grand Junction so I'm pretty far away for coffee. :-) But I get to Denver once in awhile so if we were to hold a meetup with a bunch of us, I could see what if I could make that. Thanks!
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