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  1. Hi, I'm interested and planning on meeting up with you on the 20th.

  2. Thanks Donte. Yes, your understanding is the same as mine. The clarification I was looking for is in regards to the discussion Andrew had this week in the Chatroom about putting in a marketable limit order while a stock is on SSR. Did I misunderstand or did he say that (in the live trading version of DAS) these marketable limit orders are actually converted to acceptable orders? Perhaps I misheard him. Perhaps he is entering his orders differently after all, despite what I believe I heard. If these marketable limit orders are being "converted" to acceptable orders in the live version of DAS- then DAS support is denying that orders are treated differently in the sim version. I just would prefer not to create separate keys for my DAS sim and live version as Kyle has. I'd rather not add that additional layer to my trading. So first perhaps someone from BBT staff might clarify how Andrew trades hotkey SSR scenarios in the live version. Then either DAS can address this issue in the sim. Or perhaps there's an "if then..." conditional script to address a marketable limit order acceptable entry in the case of SSR to convert the order to an acceptable one (bid +0.1)
  3. Along these lines, I just spoke with DAS support re: this issue. I appreciate Kyle's input. A helpful alternative. It also seems ridiculous to me that DAS will require me to create a whole new set of "custom" hotkeys in the simulator that aren't required for the same action/order in the live version. They have assured me that a marketable limit order to short an SSR stock in the live version- won't be accepted either. So... am I misunderstanding things? I thought Andrew said today that his marketable limit orders to short an SSR stock are being converted by DAS into acceptable orders? Here is my script if needed- ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=100;Price=Bid-.10;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send
  4. that was... a-aaawesome!! Thanks Robert. Works beautifully!
  5. I found the pivot points, so I'm good there
  6. A question related to this... I'm allowed a default & 4 displays on DAS. Is there a way to toggle between them via a hotkey script? It would be much faster to scan quickly rather than moving the mouse to the bottom of the page each time I want to see a different display. Also, I see DAS has fibs, does it have pivot points available for charting too?
  7. I can do Blue Moon this time, not Rock Bottom. I have a work commitment at 7:30pm in Denver that night. But I understand D.B. is coming from up north. So I’m fine with whatever you decide. I can always meet you all next time
  8. I should be able to do either of those times on 23rd or 30th.
  9. Denver. Out of town for work occasionally. My apologies for not responding sooner- I hadn't seen the meet-up suggestion replies.
  10. I'm in town that week Thurs-Friday 7th-8th. Would love to offer some thoughts/ideas on Day Trading improvement strategies moving forward.
  11. Hey fellas, For awhile I was the only Denver member. Glad to see others have joined! I'm in for a meet up. I'd really like to brainstorm on how we could help each other improve our day trading- I certainly have some thoughts. I propose a meet up on Thursday March 7th. Let me know if you're interested and we can arrange a time & place.
  12. Appreciate this input into Configuring ATR... Is it possible to have the ATR presented in the Market Viewer? Do I enter it in User Notes? If so, how do I configure it to list the ATR value in that column? Also, is "Range" in Market Viewer- the range for the current day following the Open? Meaning that initially there will be very little Range and then it increases in real-time continuously throughout the day? Finally, my Daily Chart has my ATR values obscured by the current price listing on the y-axis. Any way I can remove that? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the great review Brian. Great trade! You mentioned that you are looking for in the pre-market- other than general weakness- to indicate a good ORB candidate?
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