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Das Pro with additional tools - Data Subscription

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Hello All,

I'm using Das Pro with IB, hence the data comes from Das, that's understood.

For But then when I wish to add Bookmap, TradeIdeas, TradingView, should I buy data from each tool Bookmap as well, or can I use the data stream from Das Pro


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I had the same question. So I did some research.

When we look at the compatible data providers on the Bookmap website, Das Trader is not present :


So, I conclude that no, it is not possible to connect Das Trader data service to Bookmap.

hope it help! If you ever find more information please share!

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Hi Yudyud,

for Tradingview and Bookmap, you can use the feed from a broker like IBK.

for tradingview


If you have a live account with Interactive Brokers, and you’ve already purchased a real-time data subscription from them, you won’t need to pay for it again to gain access to it on TradingView.

for Bookmap


Interactive Brokers - Data subscription via dxFeed with trading activity routed to Interactive Brokers

good luck!

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Thanks Mathieu,

Is there anyone familiar with these tools who can shed some light on them? @Thor ? @Carlos M. ?

From what I've gathered so far:

  • For Bookmap, it's necessary to see if it's compatible with Das Pro and IB data. If it isn't, a distinct data subscription fitting Bookmap may be needed.
  • TradeIdeas typically provides its own data within its subscription.
  • TradingView, it often mandates its separate real-time data subscription, and integrating data from Das Pro isn't an option.

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