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Tom N - Day Trading Journal - Looking for feedback...

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1 hour ago, Christopher Patterson said:

Where you at Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, thanks for the shout out !  I started a new job about a month ago, so I have not been trading every day.

Will try to be back at the open tomorrow !

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2020-10-7 <SIM>


2 MIN ORB +1.67R

Went long on $DKNG.  Was shooting for a target of $54.  Partialed on the way up but held and got stopped out at break even.  Will also post the partial numbers for feedback...



Green trade.  A little disappointed that it didn't go to my target.  My P&L was showing this as a good trade while I was in it, but obviously didn't maximize it.

Thinking if I should just make one trade per day and stop.  Maybe one Live then the rest SIM...  Will stay in SIM for a while...


Support & Resistance with VPA -1.04R

First, this was not on my watchlist of my four stocks (four stocks max) I added it because Brian had mentioned it.  The chart was super clean, looking back I still like the charts.  One thing I did not give enough credit to was the spread, could be as high as ten cents.  That is a lot for me...

Look how pretty this chart is !

I saw it break through the overnight high and thought it would hold as support.

A great argument for VPA.  High volume bullish candles on all the charts.  I was certain this would go to the next level of 70.68.


Went long and stopped out in less then a minute on the wick.


Support & Resistance with VPA -1.04R

Revenge Trade ?? Maybe, but I still liked the VPA and support level.

Traded with conviction as I held it for 11 minutes.


Afterthoughts. -0.43R

Started green, gave it back.  Stop after 1 ?

Traded stock not in watchlist.  Still a great chart.  Maybe I just misread it.

Took a revenge trade (#3).  I had the opportunity to walk away at break-even several times.  Get out it is not going your way immediately.

A little frustrated to post a red day...looking to pull some constructive lessons from it.



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2020-10-8 <SIM>

Started the day with some strange technical difficulties.

Internet froze for the first two minutes then was working fine...

Missed any 1 Min ORBs...


5 MIN ORB -1.24 R

Went long on $ROKU, pretty tight stop which should equal a good risk:reward.

Stopped out 19 seconds later...


Trade 2 $ROKU

ABCD -0.1R

Back long into $ROKU.  A wider stop on this on, however it did not make the big move up that I was looking for.  Out at break-even after almost 10 minutes.



Continuation / Support and Resistance  +0.2R

A beautiful downtrend on $CCL it broke the support level of the overnight low and I went short.

Good Risk to Reward with target of yesterday's low.  Nice room for this stock to move.  Took a small partial and ended up stopping out at break-even.  


Should have held to run more ??


15 MIN ORB -1.1 R

Long biased on $IBM.  Certainly pulled the trigger following Andrew, of course his least favorite trade of the day.  Stopped out in 22 seconds with my tight stop...


Dang !

Tough day for me...not sure what to take out of it yet...

Afterthoughts: -2.14 R

Need some constructive ones here....



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Not bad tries on $ROKU, it's at all time highs and was consolidating in the premarket in a tight range prior to the open. 

The first trade with a stop right below vwap gets you to about 2.5Rs, the second trade the R2R just wasn't there. When a trade doesn't work it's easy to think that's it's a bad trade, but a lot of the time the idea is right, the execution is just slightly off. If you are going to trade ORBs, especially 1 minute ORBs I think it's a good idea to ask yourself a few questions prior to the open. 

Is the stock AT or ABOUT to break all time high?

Is the stock AT or ABOUT to break out of a significant range? 

Does the stock have a catalyst?

Is the stock consolidating in the premarket? Is it uptrending / downtrending? is there above average volume leading in to the open? 

Are there any significant levels in the premarket ( i.e levels that have acted both as a support AND a resistance) that I can play off of?

Also as a general rule of thumb, whether you're taking 1/2/5 minute orbs, the tighter the range, and the closer it is to vwap, the better risk to reward you're going to get. 

Stay positive man, one day at a time. 





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What's up everybody ?

As you can tell I have been off the day trading for a bit...

First, I took a new job at the end of August and have had my full focus on that...

I thought I would get up early and trade a few mornings in October/November...and I have just had a rash of technical issues.

I have been running DAS of my MacBook and although it seemed to work good for a while, the technical issues just finally got the best of me.

So lately I have been researching PCs to buy.  I have been on Macs for over 10 years and sworn everything off regarding PC.

But, I finally pulled the trigger and got everything at least plugged in. The folks at DAS were helpful to me to switch my settings over.

So now I have a real trading setup as opposed to my Mickey Mouse one.  I think it will make a nice impact.

The only thing left on my to do list is to setup the RGB keyboard back to highlight my hotkeys.

With all that I logged in this morning thought I would catch the morning show and work on my DAS setup.  I actually jumped (sloppily) into two trades and ended up +1R on an ABCD trade with $BA.

Looking forward to getting back into it.  The plan is to start in SIM and then jump back to small Rs in live trading.

-Tom N






A little bit of a late entry, trying to find my hotkeys again 🙂

Happy to be back in action.  Looking forward to turning this into a profitable venture...






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2020-12-9 SIM

No journal entry yesterday...couldn't bare to post my 0-3 day with following no rules what so ever...

Way better today.  Woke up early.  Good watchlist.  Best part is after the morning  show I paused the volume on Brian and Andrew for five minutes just to make sure I was focused on my rules and trading strategies.

Only two trades but feeling good about both of them.   I watched the One Minute ORB video the other day...what do you think of this trade...


One Minute ORB


Close to VWAP, stop was in the right place...

Did I miss anything fundamental ?



Reversal +0.69R

A little aggressive, but looked extended on the 5 minute chart from the 9EMA.

Probably a poor R:R decision, but positive !



Hindsight 20/20 I should have left something in...

Hindsight 20/20/20 I should have continued to watch the stock...It is getting more beautiful as I am journaling....ugh...!

Look at this current chart...


Dang !

Journal or keep watching...need to journal...hmmm...


Way better day.

Need some strong goals for December:


Run green


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2020-12-10 <SIM>

DAS reset my SIM account to zero buying power.

Took several trade attempts with error messages to figure it out.

Lost day...

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2020-12-14  <SIM>

Excited to trade today.  Full day off from work so I can concentrate on trading as much as I want.

Stopping out after hitting max loss in first 30 minutes.


Note:  I have better days when I come in overly cautious then "excited to trade".  Lesson here.


1 MIN ORB, 1.5R

I really thought this was an A+ ORB setup.  Huge volume on the one minute busting through several levels.

Stopped out in seven seconds for a 1.5R loss.  Yes, I am using Kyle's hotkeys.

Did  I miss anything here ? @Andrew Aziz ?



1 MIN ORB, +1.5R

A little bit of a late entry, but a green trade !



ABCD -0.15R

Thought $NIO was setup for an ABCD pattern, didn't like the way it was moving so I bailed out.



REVERSAL,  Break Even

Took $WKHS long at 9:45.  10% partial then break even.




Took $PLTR long.   Chickened out and took a 0.5R loss.

If I held in this would have been the trade of the day...hmmmm.....one to steam over...


TRADE 6 & 7 $PFE

REVERSALS, -1.1R AND -1.1R = -2.2R

Definitely looking at this stock with a long bias. (Lesson here)

Trade 6, went long here at 9:59 with a little bit of an aggressive stop.

Stopped out for a 1.1R loss sooner that I should have been.


Long again at 10:20, definitely should have waited for another confirmation candle on a different time chart.



-2.8R for the day.

I thought trade 1 had great strategy.

Trade 2 was a nice result.

Trade 3 &4 I am ok with.

Trade 5 would have been a big winner.

Then really lost my day being biased on these last two trades.





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2020-12-15 <SIM>

Green day, but low Rs on two trades.


1 MIN ORB, +0.17R

Went long at 97.05.  Two 25% partials then out at break even.  Should have sold a chunk at the the 97.50 level.


ABCD +0.5R

Trade 2 was also a 5 Min ORB, called out by Andrew so gave me a little more confidence to go in.

Looks beautiful on the chart, but again a low R return.

Partialed out 25%, 50%, 25%.  My plan was to let the balance run.  Got stopped out at break even though....


Including partial detail today...






+0.67 R for the Day

Two beautiful trades.

Poor return.

Bad Partials ?


Edited by tntp45

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2020-12-21 <SIM>


1MIN ORB -0.3R


Stock broke through several levels...went long.  Action died so I got out.


1MIN ORB  +0.84R


Went long on a 1 MIN ORB.   Good patience.  Partials at levels.  Partialed 50/50/50.

Only  0.84R for the trade, but green trade green day.


Great Job with watchlist.  Nice call with $NKE, missed by BBT.

Good application of strategy.


Still need to think about partial strategy, maybe first one should be 25% ?



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2020-12-23 <SIM>

Choppy morning, sailors be warned...

Passed on the One Min ORBs, probably a good sign...

Only three stocks on the watchlist...another good sign...



Jumped in long for a 5 Min ORB...should have looked better at the 1 and 2 minute charts...close to the VWAP but not confirmations, in fact probably would talk you out of the trade...

-1R.  Stopped out in 21 seconds.



5 MIN ORB +1.15R

Went short for 5 Min BO.  Partialed with 25/25/50/50/100.

Still questioning my partial strategy or lack there of...

Will take the green trade !




+0.1R Green/BE day...

No overtrading...

Good watchlist...

Need a day to get to goal of 2.0R

Sure would like to trade more than 20 minutes 🙂




Edited by tntp45

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2020-12-24 <SIM>


1MIN ORB +1.2 R

Went long on $MARA.  Partial were 50/50/50/50/100



ABCD +0.1R

$AAPL came back to VWAP for a bounce.  I went long based on the 1 Min & 2 Min.  Partialed 25% then stopped at break even.


A little sick to my stomach because I could have either A. Not partialed/ Out at break even...or

B. Could have made a re-entry based on the 5 Min for an ABCD and had a great trade.  Thoughts ?


Green Day.

Another successful day with 1 Min ORB

Happy to trade for more than just the first 15-30 minutes.

Thinking to go live with just the 1Min ORB Strategy.

Four more days until being able to trade again.

Homework:  5 Min Orb, ABCD, Additional Webinar.  Trade in Replay.

Merry Christmas to All !





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2020-12-28 <SIM>

I owe myself some notes here...will finish later...ran out of time this AM...









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Hello All !

Just wanted to check in since I have not used this format for a while...

I have been using TraderVue now for logging all of my trades...

My full time job only allows me to trade the first 30 minutes of the open.  With that I can only trade two to three days a week.

I am still trading in Sim.  Having some good days and some good trades, but overall net in the red...

I am putting in more days and studying more...ancy to to live....

Looking for a Trading Buddy...please reach out if you would like to work together...

-Tom N


Today -0.3 R


Trade of the Day:  +1.55 R


Support & Resistance


I had a a level marked from the pre-market...stock broke and I went long...partialed out when it stalled...

Portion stopped out at break-even.  +1.55 R

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