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DAS 1000 Shares as Default Issue [RESOLVED]

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The issue is that their global default for everyone is 1,000 shares. This is the most reckless thing I’ve ever heard of a software company doing.

For example, the other day NFLX was dropping and so I wanted to dollar-cost average in with 100 shares at a time. But the default randomly bleed through the hotkey and it stuck me with 1,000 shares (half a million worth of NFLX) while it was dropping like a rock.

At the time, I actually did have a 1,000 share hotkey, and so I blamed myself for lapsing and hitting the wrong key. But thousands of dollars down the drain later this kept happening, so I removed all hotkeys except for 100 shares, and then it still kept happening! This is when I contacted DAS support’s live chat and told them what was going on. They apologized that I was having “syntax issues” but assured me that it was not a software issue. Well it is, and one that we now know is hard-coded in by design.

Aside from the unsettling fact of the hotkeys randomly being overpowered by this global default, it’s not a bug, it’s just pure negligence and disregard for their customers. I found the root cause and the 2012 documentation confirms it (even though their live chat support was unaware of this supposedly very obvious paragraph on page 5 of their 2012 manual). This is something I had read by the way (out of lack of more updated documentation) but it did not jump out at me because I assumed that their hotkeys were safe and functioned properly. Jokes on me!

My trading log already demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that this default will randomly bleed through and ignore the hotkeys. For me, the problem is gone because I changed this global shares default to 100.

For all of DAS Trader’s new customers however, what a horribly unfair way to blow up an account and end a trading career before it starts. God help them.B68D21DE-61CC-452F-830E-77F66C5FE7EA.png.16faf4ff6bc1b5aa2ae36b32cca73c96.png

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That’s fantastic. But for someone who didn’t learn that, what happens if they’re using hotkeys to trade AMZN?

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I have been in this chatroom for over a year and have never seen it explained how these hotkeys can fail in this way or how dangerous that default can be.

I presume that you work for DAS Trader. This level of arrogance and unprofessionalism is simply over the top. I am merely trying to warn other traders before they lose money just like I did for this very unfair reason pertaining to DAS Trader’s default configuration.

I stand nothing to gain here—except to help others avoid losing money like I did. I was also hoping that DAS Trader would care to hear the ramifications of how dangerous this setting is, but it’s clear that they don’t.

I tried, and hopefully someone sees this before it hurts them too. Tired of being trolled by their employee.

@Andrew Aziz Please lock this thread. However, I request that you rename it so that it does not say [Resolved] anymore. I know that YOU care about your members, and this active issue can be lethal even to a 100k account, and it’s important for general awareness. This issue is not resolved but I’m clearly getting nowhere here.


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