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Is it possible to improve login sessions for site/chat every day?

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Hi @Abiel 🙂

I have to log in to the site every morning. Is it possible to set wordpress to remember our sessions so we don't have to log in every single day? 

It doesn't seem like a big deal, except after many months, it can be a burden. 🙂

I'm a member of other protradingroom chatrooms and they just work every day. BBT, have to go back to wordpress site and log in again. And again. 

Any love improving this? 

If I'm missing something, let me know...

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Hi... I guess this is an issue on your end with your browser. BBT Members sessions usually last about 3-4 days which is what the session expiry is set for. Please check your browser settings and let us know how it goes.


Abiel Guerra

BBT Team

[email protected]

Icono twitter @abielguerra 

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