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  1. Hi @Abiel I have to log in to the site every morning. Is it possible to set wordpress to remember our sessions so we don't have to log in every single day? It doesn't seem like a big deal, except after many months, it can be a burden. I'm a member of other protradingroom chatrooms and they just work every day. BBT, have to go back to wordpress site and log in again. And again. Any love improving this? If I'm missing something, let me know...
  2. Hi guys, Thought I'd add an update as a few things seem different from earlier posts. I signed up for SpeedTrader this week, and it was very easy/fast. Most of it was handled online, but I did have to email them copies of W9 & Margin agreement form. The account only took 2 days to open, I wired the money this afternoon, and it's all ready to go! Another little difference the minimum was only $25,000, but I still put a little more in for padding. Their online system takes me back to the 90s, but I figure I will be using DAS mostly anyway -Matt
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