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Bryan K

Anyone with experience with Alliance Trader?

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Posted (edited)

This broker seems comparable option to CMEG for traders with an account of less than 25k.  

In terms of commission, Alliance offers .0035 per share commission, which seems comparable to CMEG's 2.99 per ticket price if you are purchasing ~800 shares; however, CMEG seems to have advantage if you are purchasing more than 1k shares in a single trade.

I'm wondering what are some general thoughts, opinions, and experience anyone has with this particular broker


Happy trading 

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Hi Bryan

I got an email from Alliance that my account is approved and good to be funded. I now have active accounts with both CMEG and Alliance.

Not sure though where to put my money in. Waiting for CMEG to get us the new fees structure and will then decide whether to go for CMEG or Alliance.

If we look at the website and the email response from both CMEG and Alliance, CMEG looks a bit more professional to me. 


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Question:  Can we apply to Alliance online, save form as PDF and then send via email? Or do we have to print and fill out and then email?  The reason I ask is because when I looked at the form it asked to sign it!  Thanks!

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