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  1. Hello BBT, I am a new member of BBT community. I opened my account with Rabinhood and it was my 1st experience buying stock. I was trying to day trade using Rabinhood. My knowledge was very low about all technical indicators. I only learned different orders type from the apps. I made $200 within few minutes. I was so excited but within next 30 minutes I lost almost $1000. I felt so bad. Finally I started reading books and switched to TDA. Now I joined BBT as a trial member and learning DAS. This community is very helpful and so far my experience is great with BBT. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm new to BBT and I'm using DAS trial version for now. I want to watch multiple stocks chart and I want to place on my other monitor. I can open many charts but cannot move to other monitor from DAS main window.
  3. I don't use CMEG but definitely I'll say CMEG should take care of this issue.
  4. Thank you, I was looking for pre market data in my DAS platform.
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