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  1. Is or Are there any updated ORB video's within the BBT members only room? Same for updated rising devil and falling angel video's? The only one's I can find seem to be dated and on Youtube. Perhaps I should search some of the mentorship class's
  2. I'm in San Clemente fairly regularly. I'd be happy to hang out with some traders and bounce trading and strategy ideas off one another
  3. Hey Everyone! Is there a section within BBT where I can find a catalog of hot button scripts?
  4. Hi everyone. I'm a new member here. I hope to make this my one and only community that i'll ever need. Seems like there are so many chat rooms and discords out there. I've been following BBT for a few years on Youtube and I decided to make the leap. Anyway, where can I find tutorial's on the favorite setup for the moderators. For example Peter's mountain pass or Brian's 9/20 or rising devil and falling angel trades. How bout Andrew and Thor and what they look for? Are there member only videos that explain in detail how to spot them and when to trade?
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